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Newbee Are Your First Ever Zotac Cup Champions - Esportsranks
Newbee Are Your First Ever Zotac Cup Champions

After coming so close at the Manila Masters, Newbee has finally done it, becoming the first ever Zotac Cup Champions.

Zotac Cup Champions – First Place At Last

The Chinese powerhouse placed 3rd at DAC 2017, and 2nd at the recently concluded Manila Masters. They also placed 2nd at the ESL One Geting a couple of months back.

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride, or so they say.

Newbee’s luck, however, would change at the Zotac Cup Masters, as they finally won their first LAN title in quite a while.

A Battle of Runner Ups

Coming into the event, most already had either Newbee or Team NP penciled in as the Zotac Cup Champions. The former chosen because of their string of strong performances this year. The latter because of their surprising run at the Manila Masters that saw them secure a top-three finish.

Both teams met little resistance throughout the event and were simply dominant from the start. Both would end up finishing on top of their respective groups right after the first day.

After eliminating Fnatic and iG.Vitality in Day 4 of the event, the stage was set for the two Manila Masters runner-ups to battle it out to be the first ever Zotac Cup Champions.

Outplayed and Outmatched

Although Team NP took no time to gel with their new lineup, the fact that they haven’t played for long together showed in this event. Sure, NP managed to recover from a very lopsided Game 1 loss to win the back and forth Game 2. However, NP was simply outplayed and outmatched for most of the entire series.

For example, in Game 3, Newbee’s chemistry shone as Faith and Sccc worked together to pressure FATA-‘s Queen of Pain into dying three times in a span of six minutes. This prevented FATA- from gaining much momentum. Because of this, Newbee disposed of NP handily in under 30 minutes.

Zotac Cup Champions

NP had a chance to split the series in Game 4. FATA- had a monster game on Ember Spirit. Meanwhile, Newbee made one uncharacteristic sloppy play after another. Even so, though, NP simply couldn’t capitalize and end the game early. Newbee and their late-game oriented lineup was more than happy to take advantage of this.

With a well-farmed Moogy Lifestealer and another strong performance from Sccc on Queen of Pain, Newbee would go on to win the 72-minute Game 4 to become the Zotac Cup Masters Champions.

TI7 Is In The Bag

Game 4 was far from the most ideal game for Newbee.

However, it showed that the team is just as capable of winning from behind as they are when they start a game strong.

Thanks to a 2nd place finish at the Manila Masters, in addition to being the Zotac Cup Champions, Newbee‘s direct invite to TI7 is all but guaranteed at this point.

Team NP’s run doesn’t end here, however. The team and their new roster is set to make an appearance at the Dota Summit 7 in a week. Look to them to build on their recent string of strong performances and boost their chances of getting directly invited to the prestigious tournament.