CS:GO Weekly Recap: Zeus-NaVi reunion changes odds

We’ve seen some major changes this week on the CS:GO scene, including a Zeus-NaVi reunion.

We also saw the back end of the European shuffle settle, along with some fairly high impact changes to the Tec-9. Join us for the first edition of the CS:GO weekly recap.

CS:GO Weekly Recap: What’s the impact of the Zeus-NaVi reunion?

Danylo “Zeus” Teslenko’s return to Na’Vi came as a shock to CS:GO fans and audiences alike. That’s only to be expected, as Danylo’s leadership was decisive in leading Na’Vi to victory in Krakow. His return to his old team will replace Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovács. That’s unsurprising, really, as GuardiaN’s motivation has seemingly been lacking for the better part of a year.

A Zeus-NaVi reunion will no doubt look to reinvigorate the CIS side after what could only be described as an abysmal year as of late. Despite Na’Vi’s star-studded lineup boasting two of the world’s best players in GuardiaN and s1mple, their results to date have been uninspiring. And that’s a fact reflected by the betting fraternity.

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Those odds are about to change drastically with Zeus returning to his old squad. It’s a crucial, balance-changing move. Without it, Na’Vi seemed doomed to crumple into a tier two team… like so many would-be world contenders who have faded into oblivion.

Zeus-NaVi reunion

Source: HLTV.org

CS:GO Weekly Recap: Tec-9 Weapon Changes

Every so often Valve addresses issues of balance in CS:GO with what seems an obstinately feather-light touch. But this probably protects the balance of play in-game.

A serious shock to game balance can destabilize the entire game, throw player rankings askew, and leave both players and contenders unsure of their chosen universe.

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In the recent game play patch, the quintessential Tec-9 semi-automatic pistol saw a fairly significant rework.

The pistol is loved (and loathed) by many. It is the go-to for many due to its high kill potential at an extremely low cost per round.

Valve has sought to make the pistol more viable in combat situations that demand accuracy by increasing the accuracy of the first round. This, of course, does not come without a trade off. In this case, spray accuracy as well as clip size have been decreased.

The changes to the weapon most likely will come as a buff rather than a nerf, as one significant weakness which the Tec-9 had was its pick off potential. This has actually been increased in the patch. Whether or not it will retain its high popularity in competitive play is something that’s yet to be seen, as most top tier teams are on break until the end of the month.

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