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Zayt and Saf outsmart opposition to win ESL Katowice Royale Duos - Esportsranks
Zayt and Saf outsmart opposition to win ESL Katowice Royale Duos

Williams “Zayt” Aubins of NRG Esports and Rocco “Saf” Morales of Ghost Gaming were the clear winners in this weekends duo’s tournament at ESL Katowice. Zayt and Saf will take home $40,000 each and can now make a claim as being one of the best duos in the game as they gear up for the Fortnite World Cup.

They set the pace early on winning Game 1 with 4 kills. They never dropped out the top 5 and by Day 2 they were one of two duos with a good chance of winning, the other being Vinny1x & Zexrow of Team SoloMid. Back to back wins in Game 10 and 11 moved them into 1st and gave them an unassaible lead. Game 10 was a particular highlight, 13 kills and an end-game rift/heal-off play that became an instant tutorial on how to win at the highest level.

This is the 2nd big win for Zayt and Saf as a duo, having previously won a Summer Skirmish and coming 2nd in WSOE 3.

The international invitational saw 50 of the best duos from USA, EU, and Asia. The 14 game series was held over 2 days and, despite a couple of instances of PC’s crashing, was largely controversy-free.

Zayt and Saf 4000 IQ Play at ESL Katowice

To have the quickness of thought to do this, when the pressure is on and chaos is all around you is the sign of not only great players but a great duo.

ESL Katowice Royale Duos – Recap & Final Standings

Zayt and Saf win ESL Katowice Royale Fortnite Duos
Zayt and Saf finished the day over 200 points ahead of 2nd place.

With a stacked lobby and a 2-day 14 game event this was always going to have it potential to be a great tournament and so it came to be. ESL’s production including casters was a notch above the Epic run events and no-one would be upset to see another tournament by the best tournament runners in the business.

Day 1’s big winners were Vinny1x and Zexrow, both recently signed to TSM. They won game 2 with 9 kills and kept their performance up throughout to finish day 1 in 1st place. TSM will be happy with their new duos success, Vinny1x won the Solo tournament on Friday and they would of finished 2nd if it wasn’t for a poor last game, where an unbelievable performance by E11’s Boyered and Crippa pipped them to it. Elsewhere on TSM, Myth and Cloud took a respectable 24th which many have noted was better than anyone from Team Liquid or FaZe.

The FaZe walked away from Katowice in a rather sour mode. Natehill and Funkbomb started Day 1 well, but a number of issues including a movement bug and at one point Funkbomb turning off Natehills PC with his feet(!) meant they gradually dropped down the rankings.

It was also a weekend to forget for Team Liquid, they looked off the pace ll weekend with neither duo coming close to winning a game.

France has built a reputation for having some of the most well-organized and hardest working teams in Fortnite and all that work is paying off in spades. LeStream and Solary both had 2 duos in the top 20 with names like Skite, Blaxou and Kinstaar establishing themselves at the top of the game.

Atlantis, a broadly EU time (queue “is UK in the EU joke?”) also performed well with 2 duos in the top 20 and could have done better if not for a couple of crashes that kept their duos out of some rounds.

It was a mixed weekend for controller players. Fan favorites Aydan and NickMercs never really got going and finished in 46th, but the onus for repping a huge portion of the player base was taken up by Ghost Kamo and Issa. They finished a mightly impressive 9th and didn’t stop appearing on the kill feed in Day 2. Any controller players need to check out Game 8 and Game 14 to see that it doesn’t matter what you use – it’s how you use it.

To see all the final standings click here.

So what did you make of ESL Katowice Royale? Were Zayt and Saf worthy winners? Are they better than Tfue and Cloakzy? Was the play at the end of Game 10 the GOAT? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.