BREAKING: xShellzz signs for Unilad Esports – Shellzz Unilad

After the success of Gorilla Unilad at FIWC17, Unilad have decided to sign their second FIFA player. Despite being knocked out in the group stages, Shellzz Unilad is known for being a fantastic FIFA player.

He will be incredibly happy to be signed to Unilad. They offer a stable income in return for keeping most of the prize money. This is an important difference between Unilad and most other Esports companies. Gorilla Unilad could focus on playing his game, rather than on the money at stake.

Who is Shellzz Unilad?

Shellzz Unilad is a born and bred Londoner. Unilad Esports were keen at the recently concluded FIWC17 tournament to sign more players and they seem to have wasted no time in doing so. Picking up another strong player means that they have two British players who can represent them at various FIFA events.

This will only serve to help Shellzz Unilad’s future in the FIFA world. Previously he was unsigned and would have been struggling after his early losses at FIWC17.

“It was tough for them [his family] at first, they didn’t really know about the scene, about how much you can win, whether I was good or not. Especially when I left school, they were like oh my gosh what is he doing. But then Berlin changed everything, especially winning $80,000. That’s a huge sum for me, that’s a huge sum for my family.” – Shellz Unilad at FIWC

Although details of the contract are unknown, they will hopefully help Shellzz Unilad focus more on his gaming. He will be paid a monthly wage and therefore will not have to worry about paying bills.

The future of Unilad Esports

What is the future for Unilad Gaming? Will they sign more FIFA players, perhaps from other regions? Will they expand into more games other than FIFA? The future is definitely bright after Gorilla Unilad stormed to victory over Deto in the FIWC17 final.

This massive boost in money from the Esport section of Unilad seems to have had an immediate impact. It would not be surprising to see them picking up more players in the future. Many Esports organisations are keen to pick up players from all over the world, to increase their standing in these areas.

There were many unsigned players at the event. For example, FilthyP94, who put in a surprisingly strong performance, was unsigned. It doesn’t seem likely that right now, Unilad Gaming will start to have teams in other games. The potential is there, but their audience would likely not follow a Unilad League of Legends team. Call of Duty is definitely a possibility and with the release of the new Call of Duty round the corner, we may see a Unilad COD team coming very soon.