WSOE 3: Fortnite Tournament – Competitors, Qualification Controversy & Where To Watch

There is one last Fortnite tournament for the year and that will be ESP‘s WSOE 3 Fortnite Tournament with a $100,000 prize pool and a pool of players, some invited others booking their place through qualifiers.

This is also a major departure from other Fortnite tournaments, run not by Epic themselves but by an established event organizer. That means a few changes are in place for this tournament that is more in line with a traditional esport tournament. Things such as; players being allowed to play with their own peripherals and play with a stretched resolution. Epic had initially stated that a 3rd party tournament could not have a prize pool over $20,000 effectively creating a monopoly for high level competitive play, however, with this tournament going ahead, with Epic’s blessing. this signals a change in tac for the company.

Fans of Epic’s tournaments will have a sense of familiarity though with both MonsterDFace and Goldenboy taking the reigns on the broadcast.

The WSOE is a new tournament format run by ESP with a DOTA 2 and Hearthstone event already being held.

WSOE 3 Fortnite – Who Is Competing?

The list of participants for WSOE was brought together with some players getting an invite and others who went through Open Qualifiers on Thursday.

That means we have some well-known faces and a few surprises as well.

Invited players include the full TSM roster minus Daequan – that means Myth, Hamlinz, and the recently signed Kaysid, Cowboy and ZexRow. The largest contingent is front Ghost with Dmo, Bizzle, Saf, Aydan, Ghoul, Kayuun, Snood, Zayt and Thwifo all make the trip. (Sorry if I missed one of you guys, you could fill half a lobby with Ghost players)

Morgausse, winner of Summer Skirmish PAX West, FaZe Tennp0 and Jaomock, Funkbomb and Spacelyon will also be there.

There was some controversy with the Open Qualifiers as players were under the impression that there would be 6 games to qualify – that turned out to be false. There would be a one-game open qualifier, and a subsequent two games to qualify for the tournament proper. For players making the costly trip to California, it would have helped for them to know this information sooner. It is sad that in 2019, with so many successful events and growing maturity of esports as a whole that a major organizer like ESP Gaming can still have trouble communicating with their players. But such is esports.

One notable name that qualified from the Open Qualifiers was Fulmer. A player you might remember qualified top of the completely open Winter Royale qualification.

WSOE 3 Fortnite – The Format & Where To Watch

WSOE 3 Fortnite Broadcast

The broadcast team features a few familiar faces. (Image courtesy of WSOE)

The tournament will be held over one day on Sunday, the 30th of December in Manhattan Beach, California. It is a Duos tournament with 6 games with a $100,000 prize pool.

No word yet on any specific rules i.e pop-up cup or items being restricted but based on the qualifiers it looks to be the standard Duos rule set on private servers.

The tournament can be streamed lived from 10am PST/ 1pm EST/ 6pm GMT on Twitch.


So what do you make of the WSOE 3 Fortnite Tournament? Is this a good thing for the scene? Will TSM turn up? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!