Woxic, Karrigan, and frozen Complete New Mouz Roster

Details of the new mouz roster for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is now finally out.

Newcomers Hellraisers member Özgür ‘woxic‘  Eker; 16-year-old phenom David ‘frozenČerňanský; and former faZe Clan IGL, Finn ‘karrigan‘ Andersen, will join Robin ‘ropz‘ Kool and Chris ‘chrisJ‘ de Jong on the new mouz roster.

The announcement comes straight from mousesports’ official website, and was subsequently shared to Germany-based organization’s various social media accounts.

Karrigan, who will serve as the team’s new in-game leader, had this to say in the announcement:

The lineup consist of a very good mix of young and experienced players, most important is the chemistry between players, which is really good. With good chemistry, hardworking players and right mentality you can go very far, which is our main goal during 2019. The first days with these guys have been awesome, I hope that it will show in the coming months how we improve as a team”

Mouz Roster

A more seasoned Karrigan now returns to lead his former organization back to the top. (EPICENTER CS:GO 2018 / EPIC EVENTS )

Prior to the confirmation, there were already rumors as early as December that karrigan would join mousesports. The rumors only intensified when hawk-eyed members of the CS:GO community found out that mouz had already begun practicing with the three new members. Russian professional CS:GO player and coach, Alexey ‘OverDrive‘ Birukov also shared on VK, a Russian social media site, on how he can’t wait to release his interview with karrigan.

Earlier this year, Mouz let go of nearly half of their CS:GO roster following their early exit at the IEM Katowice Minor. However, the team initially planned to build around ropz and Tomáš ‘oskar’ Šťastný, as well as Miika ‘suNny‘ Kemmpi.

According to mousesports’ statement, both oskar and suNny simply did not “share our vision for the new team.”

Just How Good are the New Mouz Roster?

Mouz Roster

Already a fairly accomplished AWPer at just 18-years-old, woxic should do even better under the guidance of karrigan. (EPICENTER CS:GO 2018 / EPIC EVENTS)

The 28-year-old Danish in-game leader most recently played with FaZe Clan but was benched after more than two years with the team in December of 2018 following lackluster results. He was then later sent on loan to Team Envy for the IEM Katowice Minor.

Now, karrigan will return to mousesports nearly half a decade since he left, along with two new members in woxic and frozen.

Of the two, it’s the latter who presents as the biggest gamble for mousesports. Unlike woxic, who was arguably the best player on Hellraisers prior to his departure, and actually had the results to show in big events, frozen only has his potential going for him. He has yet to done anything noteworthy for his short career.

Of course, with karrigan and ChrisJ serving as his mentors, frozen could very well live up to the hype. If not, he could still turn out to be a good player. Either way, mousesports will expect great things from their latest additions after they spent most of last year contending for LAN titles and even winning a couple of them.

The new mouz roster will make their online debut on March 18 at the ECS Season 7 Europe. However, their first LAN appearance together will come in April 12 at the European leg of the ESL Pro League Season 9.

What do you think of the new Mouz roster? Will this new lineup succeed where the previous one couldn’t? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. 

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