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Worlds 2017 Play-in Knockouts Recap: Favourites are through - Esportsranks
Worlds 2017 Play-in Knockouts Recap: Favourites are through

The Worlds 2017 Play-in stage has been finalised after a series of stomping victories for the favourites of the Play-in knockouts. C9, FNC, WE and 1907 Fenerbahçe are through to the Group Stage. Only 1907 Fenerbahçe dropped a game, in all 4 best of fives.

Unfortunately for Lyon Gaming, Hong Kong Attitude, Team oNe Esports and Young Generation, the favourites were too strong on the day. Here is our round-up of all the games and all the action from the Worlds 2017 play-in knockout round.

Game 1 C9 vs. Lyon Gaming

A level 2 cheese gank caught Impact kipping, however, as is usual with the Korean top laner, he still dominated his lane. Some great pressure from Contractz got C9 almost instantly back into the game. Impact was out for blood and almost solo killed Jirall, but in the end, it was a botched dive. Some great team fighting and a baron later and C9 were 1-0 up.

Game 2 C9 vs. Lyon Gaming

Yet again Lyon Gaming got off to a great start. That level 2 cheese gank had obviously rattled Impact and a mistake gave away first blood to the team from South America. However, an attempted Elder Drake led to Lyon being aced, and C9 eventually winning the game. Lyon had them on the ropes, destroying all but 1 nexus turret, but the boys in blue pulled off some great decision making and team fighting to win the game.

Game 3 C9 vs. Lyon Gaming

However, the final game was a lot cleaner from C9. After a bruising 60 minute game previously, they managed to get an early 23-minute baron and end the game off it. C9 advance to the group stages!

Game 1 FNC vs. HKA

These games were expected to be the closest of all the knockouts. Caps started off badly, however, he suddenly switched on the burners and pulled out some massive plays, to help carry FNC to victory.

Game 2 FNC vs. HKA

FNC gave away first blood, but this didn’t stop them snowballing the early game into a mid-game lead. Caps was again on fire with some flashy plays, backed up by the rest of his team. SoaZ looked great on Shen and eventually, Rekkles came online on the Xayah.

Game 3 FNC vs. HKA

A gank on the Vladimir before he had his W, and after he blew his flash early on meant FNC were ahead. A mistake by Gemini trying to solo kill Caps before Broxah had backed meant FNC were now 2-0 up early on. Finally, in the same play, Broxah and Caps roamed top and killed HKA’s top laner to give them a massive advantage early on. FNC were too far ahead and knocked HKA out.

Worlds 2017 play-ins knockouts

LoLesports Flickr

Game 1 WE vs. YG

YG got first blood after BigKoro used his flash to secure it. However, a flashless ADC is always a target for a jungler, and Condi knows this well. Hitting level 6 on J4 and then insta-ganking bot netted WE a kill. A repeat gank started an unstoppable snowball in WE’s favour, abusing the Galio and J4 combination to give them their first victory.

Game 2 WE vs. YG

A great early start by YG put WE on the ropes. If they could have taken this game, then maybe they could have taken the series. Unfortunately for them, Condi showed why he is known as “son of Baron” in the LPL. Stealing a baron and probably the game from right under YG’s noses. They now only needed one more victory to proceed to the groups.

Game 3 WE vs. YG

Naul showed why he’s such a respected mid-laner in all 3 of these games. This is the same guy who managed to solo kill Caps during the play-in groups. However, Mystic showed why he’s considered one of the rising stars of the LPL. WE are considered by some to be the best team in the LPL and they will now have the chance to prove it in the group stages. It was just better team fighting and decision making which in the end led to all 3 victories for WE, despite some good plays for YG.’

Game 1 FB vs. ONE

No matter what happened in this Bo5, both teams could go home proudly. Padden was yet again a rock in the bot lane and started scaling early on the Kalista. FB started early and they smashed ONE in the first game.

Game 2 FB vs. ONE

However, ONE were trying to show that they deserved to go into the Worlds 2017 group stages. They picked themselves up after their stomping in the first game. A great team effort meant that they were still in with a shot.

Game 3 FB vs. ONE

ONE started this game well, and they had a great gold lead going into the mid game. However, the Twitch Janna combination was too much, and despite the penta kill being stolen by the Janna at the end, FB were on their way to the Worlds 2017 group stages, provided they could win one more game.

Game 4 FB vs. ONE

An early game gank by ONE 4LaN looked promising. Securing 2 kills, but going down to the Kog’Maw passive, was a great trade. However, Frozen (who has arguably been one of the strongest FB members in the tournament so far) roamed down on the A’sol. He quickly picked up two kills and this started an unstoppable snowball in FB’s favour. Furthermore, After a final dive into ONE’s fountain, FB finished the game in stylish fashion and can now be considered one of the big boys of Worlds 2017.

Worlds 2017 play-ins knockouts

lolesports flickr, Frozen happy after FB’s victory

The final groups of Worlds 2017

As previously mentioned, the groups have now been finalised and look like this:

Group A

Edward Gaming
ahq e-sports Club
SK Telecom T1

Group B

Longzhu Gaming

Group C

G2 Esports
Royal Never Give Up
1907 Fenerbahçe Esports
Samsung Galaxy

Group D

Flash Wolves
Team WE
Misfits Gaming

The stage is set, and we’re about to experience some exciting times as the best teams in the world compete in the Worlds 2017 Group Stages.