League of Legends Worlds 2017 Play-in Knockout Stages Preview

League of Legends Worlds 2017 Play-in Knockout stages

Tomorrow, early in the morning, there are 2 games to see who will make it to the group stages. This is the culmination of the Worlds 2017 Play-in stage. 2 teams from each group (the team with the least wins went home, or played a tiebreaker game) went forwards to the play-in stages. The 1st seed from each group was matched with a 2nd seed.

C9 vs. Lyon Gaming – 5:00 am GMT – 28/09/2017

Fnatic vs. Hong Kong Attitude – 9:00 am GMT – 28/09/2017

1907 Fenerbahçe Espor vs. Team oNe Esports – 5:00 am GMT – 29/09/2017

Team World Elite (WE) vs. Young Generation – 9:00 am GMT – 29/09/2017

C9 vs. Lyon Gaming

C9 are the favourites in this match-up. Although LYN played well against WE, and destroyed Gambit twice, it will be difficult to beat the NA team. However, WhiteLotus will definitely be a player to watch. Should he perform as well as he has been in previous games, he could easily be a catalyst for upsetting the status quo.

Worlds 2017 Play-in Knockout

2017 World Championship Play-In stage at Wuhan Sports Center Gymnasium in Wuhan, Hubei, China on 24 September 2017. lolesports flickr. WhiteLotus

Is it worth a bet?

This is a tough question. However, it is definitely feasible that despite how strong C9 look right now, LYN could beat them. LYN looked decent in the group stages. C9 looked dominant. The 6/1 odds will definitely tickle the fancy of some, but they could stand to lose their money.


Despite EU fans disagreeing, this could go either way. HKA looked pretty good, even though they lost top seed to Fenerbahçe Espor. FNC dropped a game against Young Generation, which was definitely unexpected. After their first 3 games, they looked as if they were going to breeze through. Young Generation, to be fair, had much more on the line as FNC were already guaranteed top seed.

Worlds 2017 Play-in Knockout

2017 World Championship Play-In stage. lolesportsflickr

This is almost definitely worth a bet

HKA are at 3/1. This is decent odds for a game which depends on whether FNC shows up. Putting £10 on this could lead to a cheeky profit. However, if FNC can do what they did in their first 3 games of the groups, then HKA will be going home.


Worlds 2017 Play-in Knockout

2017 World Championship Play-In stage lolesports flickr


1907 Fenerbahçe Espor vs. Team oNe Esports

Fenerbahçe were the big surprises of the tournament so far. Most people expected HKA to win this group. However, they weren’t 1/1000 like the other group favourites were. Fenerbahçe brought strong team play and a strong roster, including Frozen, their mid laner. Team oNe scraped through with one victory in the normal play-ins, then one victory in the tiebreaker.

Worth a bet?

Fenerbahçe Espor are no longer being underestimated. Team oNe are 4/1 to beat them, and this definitely seems likely. Stranger things have happened at Worlds before, however.

WE vs. Young Generation

Young Generation were another team who struggled in groups, but they did hand FNC their only loss so far. This was off the back of some great shot-calling, backdooring the base of the team who once were part of xPeke’s famous backdoor. SoaZ was a member of that team many years ago. If Young Generation can beat FNC, it’s not that inconceivable that they can beat WE. It will be a struggle and will probably go all 3 games, with WE coming out on top in the end.

But it could be worth a bet

WE sometimes looked a little caught off guard from the aggression from various regions. Young Generation could use this to their advantage and snowball past WE before they have a chance to recover. The 12/1 seems a little harsh, after their victory vs. FNC. It will definitely be an interesting one.