Cloud9 and Team WE Dominate! – World Championship 2017 Play-in Stage Day 1

World Championship 2017 Play-in stage

Despite the best efforts of the not so well known teams, including Lyon Gaming losing a large gold lead against WE, both WE and C9 started off very strongly. Both teams are expected to make it easily out of groups and this definitely didn’t look to be changing.

World Championship 2017 Opening ceremony

The opening ceremony had a bunch of interesting interviews from various different players. The biggest cheer was, of course, held for the WE. WE were making their first Worlds appearance in 5 years and the Chinese fans let them know who they were supporting. This was definitely going to be an interesting one.

WE vs. LYN

WE had to show a decent amount of composure after WhiteLotus and the Lyon boys almost beat them in game 1. Good try by LYN, but in the end, WE claimed the first victory of World Championship 2017.

C9 vs. ONE

LoL World Championship 2017 Play-in Stage Day 1 Team One eSports

Team One eSports, Flickr @lolesports

Jensen was on fire in this game. After a (practically) solo kill for first blood, Jensen popped off, as C9 rolled over ONE. C9 started off their Worlds 2017 with a solid victory.


Despite a great game one by LYN, they didn’t win. They needed to win this game in order to stay relevant in the play-in stages. Again, Lyon Gaming had some great early aggression, which may have caught Gambit off-guard. Regardless, this early game lead was snowballed into a pretty clean victory for the Latin American North team.

DW vs. C9

Dire Wolves were looking to show that OCE is now a force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, in their first game of Worlds 2017 they were up against a solid looking C9 roster. Contractz was all over the map on his signature Nidalee pick and only missed out on one kill to have 100% kill participation.

WE vs. GMB

Again, WE were caught out by early aggression from, perhaps, an unknown quantity. With so many teams in the play-in stages and after so much preparation from WE for their regional qualifiers and the playoffs, it’s understandable why sometimes these teams get caught out by early aggression. However, yet again, WE turned a small early game deficit into an eventual victory. A 32 kill game isn’t exactly common and it was a great game to watch.

DW vs. ONE

This game was absolutely vital. With both teams being 0-1 they needed a victory. It was DW who got the victory in the end, off the back of some great signature jungling from shernfire.

The standings after day 1 of the World Championship 2017

Group A Group B
Team WE – 2 Cloud9 – 2
Lyon Gaming – 1 Dire Wolves – 1
Gambit.CIS – 0 Team One eSports – 0