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Winners of DreamHack Masters Malmö 2017 - G2 Esports vs North - Esportsranks
Winners of DreamHack Masters Malmö 2017 – G2 Esports vs North

In an epic and closely fought battle, G2 Esports decimated North to become this year’s winners of DreamHack Masters Malmö.

Two teams on a winning streak…

G2 Esports entered the Finals by destroying Ninjas in Pyjamas’ run of wins, which had held good all through the event.

It must be a hard loss for Ninjas in Pyjamas’ fans, who had looked to see their team take the title once again this year. But it was not to be… G2 Esports crushed Ninjas in Pyjamas to enter the Finals.

g2 esports winning dreamhack masters malmo 2017

Image Credit: DreamHack

North and Gambit, on the other hand, who faced off in the Semi Finals, seemed evenly matched at first.

However, as expected, North had the edge. They had shown consistently better play all through the event. It was clear that they were going to destroy Gambit to enter the Finals.

G2 Esports are the winners of DreamHack Masters Malmö!

And what an event it was!

North fought heroically, and with intense determination, but G2 Esports were quite simply the more effective team, with superior tactics and strategy, and well-oiled methods of working together.

Worse (for North, that is) G2 Esports are quite simply better!

In some plays, lone members of G2 Esports (such as shox) took out two or three of the North squad in a single firefight… with ruthless accuracy, and the ability to ‘pop-out’ of cover, gun down an opponent, and retreat before the decimated victim’s squad-members could react.

Winners of DreamHack Masters G2 Esports wins against North in 2017

Image Credit: DreamHack

So that’s how the Finals started out – in pure decimation!

The First Match

The map was Inferno, and G2 Esports began its plays by breaking North in the first half of the first match, scoring 11-4.

North rallied a little in the second half, winning 8 rounds to G2’s 5 rounds, but it wasn’t enough to win them the match. G2 won the first match 16-12.

Image Credit: DreamHack

The Second Match

North’s loss in the first match made the second match in Cobblestone the decider, and North knew it was win or lose.

They put up a desperate battle, and one that was worth watching play-by-play. The first half of this match was some of the most brilliant CS:GO combat we’ve seen in quite awhile… and in fact, North seemed to be able to hold G2 Esports at bay, scoring a rough draw in the first half of the game, 8-7.

There was some hope that they would at least be able to fight the match to a draw.

But it was not to be!

In the second half, G2 Esports simply destroyed them to become the new winners of DreamHack Masters.

North managed to win a single round with great difficulty, while G2 waded through them with machine efficiency, never giving them a chance to rally or fight back, winning 9 rounds virtually flawlessly to North’s 1.

North fought with considerable determination, but either they lost heart, or G2 Esports was quite frankly the better team. After seeing them in action in this match, we’re inclined to think the latter.

An epic conflict… and a clear winner!

North is worthy of respect

For a fairly new team, they’ve done well. They’ve fought giants and lost, yes – but they went down fighting.

But G2 Esports were Godlike

They’ve drawn a new line for skill and determination, for guts and sheer well-oiled teamwork.

We must see performances like this from this team consistently in future. Because, quite simply, it’s plays like this that make CS:GO events worth watching.

Image Credit: DreamHack

What does the future hold?

Will the other ‘giants’ of the CS:GO universe hit back at G2 Esports successfully in events to come? Only time will tell.

For now, G2 Esports rule!

And VERY effectively!

Stay tuned for detailed day-by-day analyses of major CS:GO events, and ace reporting.

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