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Winner of ESG Tour Mykonos Finals - mousesports vs Team Liquid - Esportsranks
Winner of ESG Tour Mykonos Finals – mousesports vs Team Liquid

A brutal finale decided the winner of ESG Tour Mykonos, with a ruthless set of firefights. Few realized that mousesports vs Team Liquid would be quite this exciting an encounter. Let’s look at some of the best plays of the series.

ESG Tour Mykonos Finals – Match 1

Mousesports got a little careless early in the first match, spamming with their weapons while Team Liquid coldly went for head shots.

Then mousesports got their act together, with some brilliant plays – at one point one of them walked right through a smoke cloud to shoot an opponent in the head point blank.

SunNy of mousesports took out two Liquid opponents with SMGs with a silenced handgun in a straight shootout, through brilliantly aimed head shots.

Winner of ESG Tour Mykonos 2017 mousesports vs Team Liquid Headshot

Image Credit: ESG

That’s not to say that the play was all one sided

STYKO of mousesports was ambushing jdm64 while he was on AWP. STYKO was approaching from behind, when jdm64 turned around casually, saw STYKO behind him and instantly reacting, brought him down with a head shot.

Team Liquid used a risky strategy in round 25, saving their cash for the next round. Two players went in with pistols, and got killed, yet Team Liquid won the round… Yet in the next crucial round, mousesports went in with pistols, killed Liquid members, took their guns and killed the remaining members to win the first match.

This match lasted 50 minutes. Mousesports won 16-8.

ESG Tour Mykonos Finals – Match 2

The map was Inferno, and Team Liquid played Terrorists in the first half – Inferno favors Terrorists, with lots of camping spots that they can use.

In match 2, Team Liquid started well, spending lavishly on equipment while mousesports saved, even losing the initial rounds for lack of equipment. But once mousesports got their equipment, they displayed some brilliant plays, killing enemy players in straight out equal open firefights, through sheer firing skill.

Team Liquid was very short on cash at this point, and made up for it by killing mousesports players and taking their weapons.

At round 8 with both teams flush with money again, they both stocked up completely on equipment. That’s when the balance tilted towards a victory for Team Liquid.

Team Liquid showed brilliant calculated risks, once running through fire to catch mousesports players off-guard, mowing them down.

Winner of ESG Tour Mykonos 2017 mousesports vs Team Liquid Running through fire

Image Credit: ESG

Stanislaw of Liquid showed brilliant plays in this match, slaughtering two or three opponents at a time.

By this time, mousesports was starved for cash, fighting with handguns

EliGE of Liquid showed lightning reactions, killing ropz near the balcony as he came around a corner. In another round he killed FOUR mousesports fighters one after another consecutively in a single firefight. Jdm64 killed three members at a time in a straight out firefight.

In some rounds Team Liquid lost not a single member while slaughtering all the members of the enemy team.

The first half ended 11-4 in favor of Team Liquid – they ended the match shortly after in the second half, winning 16-5.

Winner of ESG Tour Mykonos 2017 Team Liquid playing

Image Credit: ESG

ESG Tour Mykonos Finals – Match 3

In Match 3, Train, mousesports started as Terrorists. Team Liquid won the first round killing all their opponents without taking a single loss.

In the next match Team Liquid played brilliantly, but mousesports, even fighting with handguns after losing the first match, were able to set off their bomb. Jdm64 was seen shaking his head at the end of that round.

Mousesports built up the momentum, pushing the score to 4-2

STYKO killed four opponents in the sixth round. In the seventh, Team Liquid hit back, fighting only with pistols, killing members of mousesports and picking up their AK-47s to fight on. Jdm64 fought well in this match, as he fought very well in every match. Stanislaw also fought brilliantly. In the eighth round nitrO killed four opponents consecutively.

Predicting the Winner of ESG Tour Mykonos 2 -ESG Tour

Image Credit: ESG Tour

Oskar was a real drag to mousesports throughout this time, continuously giving up his gun to the enemy, getting killed uselessly in match after match.

It got so that at one point Liquid members were toting two AWP – one bought by them, and one ‘donated’ by oskar. Oddly enough, this worked against them in that match, since with two people toting AWP, they had not enough people to enter close combat. ChrisJ played brilliantly, in comparison, sometimes taking the entire combat load upon himself.

He was brutal, lethal, dedicated, the perfect warrior. This is a guy ancient Samurai clans would have been glad to know. His fighting genius pushed the faltering mousesports to new momentum.

Mousesports started the second half with a brutal win. They won more rounds in quick succession. Oskar also rallied at this point, his weapons skills saving a round.

After that mousesports didn’t look back – the whole team came together into one solid fighting unit, crushing Liquid without a chance to win the map 16-9.

ESG Tour Mykonos Finals – Match 4

Team Liquid had to win this match to stay in the game, and they started out with dominating momentum, winning the first EIGHT rounds straight out, with each team member playing brilliantly, completely crushing mousesports.

At this point oskar of mousesports had one kill to eight deaths. While buying an expensive sniper rifle repeatedly. And losing it repeatedly.

While jdm64 of Team Liquid had $15000 – enough to finance his whole team. Which he had to do in the next round, because mousesports won it. Even so, even in that losing round, jdm64 killed mousesports members defusing a bomb with a firebomb, burning them as they worked.

And he saved his sniper rifle.

Winner of ESG Tour Mykonos 2017 mousesports vs Team Liquid jdm64

Image Credit: ESG

But mousesports then dominated the next round as well. Team Liquid was in a bad way, financially low – they had to win a round or be reduced to fighting with pistols.

So they won a round.

Things were turning Liquid again, with all mousesports members dead except oskar – who then single-handedly slaughtered opponents and defused the bomb, redeeming his reputation and winning the round!

Now both teams were in a dangerous way financially.

Oskar seemed inspired, winning the new round for his team again with two brilliant kills. The score for mousesports vs Team Liquid at this point was 4-9.

Winners of ESG Tour Mykonos mousesports

Image Credit: ESG

The first half ended 4-11. Mousesports were now Terrorists

Oskar entered this round like a demi-god, killing four opponents single-handedly. Of course mousesports won the round. And mousesports won the next round, and the next, with sunNy killing three opponents himself. ChrisJ fought brilliantly with a sub-machine gun, racking up kills.

The score for mousesports vs Team Liquid at this point was 9-11.

Mousesports won another round. Team Liquid were reduced to one SMG and pistols. Jdm64 of Team Liquid killed an opponent, picked up an AK-47 and killed all mousesports members. The score was now 10-12.

There was bitter fighting now. Mousesports just managed to win the round, with ropz, being the last remaining member of mousesports, killing the last remaining Liquid warriors.

Each match was bitterly fought, with no quarter given

These two Teams are some of the best teams in the world, for fighting spirit, discipline and teamwork! It was quite an honor to see such brilliant combat.

The score for mousesports vs Team Liquid at this point was 13-15, with mousesports fighting bitterly to take the match into overtime.

ESG Tour Mykonos STYKO

Image Credit: ESG

Mousesports are really the bulldogs of the CS:GO universe – they fight every single round of every single match to the utmost.

Nevertheless, Team Liquid kept their heads and shot off mousesports’. They won the match, taking the Grand Final into one last intense battle in the last match.

Match 5, and the Winner of ESG Tour Mykonos

The Final Epic Battle!!!

Mousesports won the knife round, allowing them to choose whether to be Terrorists or Counter Terrorists in the first half.

Oskar fought heroically from the first, but especially in the third round, with him and ropz smashing Team Liquid in that round.

Oskar of mousesports and Stanislaw of Team Liquid were the last remaining members in the next round, with oskar fighting to another victory.

Mousesports were leading 4-0 at this point

It seems that the sniper rifle is not oskar’s weapon, because he fights brilliantly with just about any other weapon.

In the beginning of round six, chrisJ of mousesports shot one and wounded one with the sniper rifle, distracting Team Liquid. Almost immediately sunNy sneaked up from behind, killing three more almost instantly.

ESG Tour Mykonos sunNy making kills

Image Credit: ESG

In round seven a brutal ambush staged by chrisJ, sunNy and oskar completely decimated the enemy team to bring the score to 7-0.

Mousesports had changed roles around… effectively!

With the new roles in place, the team fought perfectly in this match, with almost everyone using SMGs, and with chrisJ on sniper.

This seems to be the OPTIMUM combination for this team.

In round 10, Team Liquid finally won their first round of the match. The score for mousesports vs Team Liquid at this point was 9-1.

Now Team Liquid began to hit back, winning another round in succession, despite mousesports’ best efforts.

STYKO of mousesports fought back savagely in the 13th round, almost singlehandedly winning this one for his team.

ESG Tour Mykonos STYKO

Image Credit: ESG

Still, Team Liquid was on a roll, winning the 14th.

Then oskar showed exactly why he’s on the mousesports team, breaking Team Liquid’s turnaround with some brilliant shooting to win the round for mousesports. Oskar had 23 kills at this point, ruthlessly using an AK-47 to butcher opposing team members.

Though one does feel like kicking oskar for not picking up an SMG right at the start if he’s such a hotshot with the quick-firer.

It was end-game. The score was 14-4

But there was an EPIC battle still remaining. In the 19th round, with all his team members dead, oskar picked up the bomb, planted it, and killed jdm64 and the one other remaining Team Liquid member to heroically win the round for mousesports.

Winner of ESG Tour Mykonos oskar defuses bomb

Image Credit: ESG

Mousesports easily won the last remaining round to win the match 16-4 and become the winner of ESG Tour Mykonos. The entire Finals lasted 4 hours 49 minutes.

The End.

Team Liquid has been… liquidated.

See you next season.

mousesports wins ESG Tour Mykonos 2017

Image Credit: ESG

Winner of ESG Tour Mykonos 2017 mousesports vs Team Liquid victory

Image Credit: ESG

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