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Wings Gaming vs Team Liquid Gave Fans a Showmatch to Remember - Esportsranks
Wings Gaming vs Team Liquid Gave Fans a Showmatch to Remember

The phrase Wings Gaming vs Team Liquid was something that most people only thought would happen in their dreams, but alas, at the Chongqing Major, it finally happened.

A last-minute showmatch between the TI6 and the TI7 champions, the Wings Gaming vs Team Liquid showmatch was a blink if you missed it type of affair. Although, with three of their former members playing in the second Major of the 2018-19 Dota Pro Circuit — Chu ‘shadow‘ Zeyu stood in for Team Liquid at the tournament; Zhang ‘Faith_bian‘ Ruida and Zhang ‘y`‘ Yiping are currently playing for EHOME — the logistics probably wasn’t too hard to take care of for the organizers.

It didn’t even matter that rumors about it being done to appease the Chinese fans who had no Chinese team to cheer for heading into the final day of the tournament. For Dota 2 fans from all over the world, it was an exciting time; a bittersweet reminder of a team that, until this very day, many consider to be the most innovative team of all time.

Wings Gaming vs Team Liquid Showmatch Recap

Wings Gaming vs Team Liquid

Imitated but never duplicated, no team has yet to fully replicate the kind of dota that Wings Gaming played. (Valve)

With the showmatch being played in the All Random Deathmatch, most didn’t really expect the teams to take it seriously, but nobody told the former TI champions that.

While there were the obvious signs of rust in part of Wings Gaming, who haven’t played together for nearly two years, and the fact that Team Liquid are playing with their coach, Roman ‘rmN-‘ Paley, for the most part, both teams tried their best to win the match.

Team Liquid had led for most of the game. They even amassed a 20k gold lead near the end of the game. However, a perfect initiation with shadow swooping in with one of his signature heroes, Faceless Void, led to Kuro ‘KuroKy‘ Salehi Takhasomi dropping the Divine Rapier on his Kunkka, and resulted into what looked like an insurmountable lead by Team Liquid vanishing in literally just 10 seconds.

With zero buybacks in play and Wings Gaming in full force, Team Liquid could do nothing but watch as the TI6 champions destroyed their base, sending the Chinese crowd to a roar.

Is a Wings Gaming Reunion Possible?

Wings Gaming vs Team Liquid

Considered by many as the “team that broke Dota 2”, many are still wishing for Wings Gaming to reunite one of these days. (Wings Gaming)

Wings Gaming infamously split up after complications arose regarding their contract with their former organization following the management’s failure to pay out their salaries. Looking to continue their careers, y` and Faith_bian decided to join EHOME afterwards. This decision reportedly didn’t sit too well with Zhou ‘bLink‘ Yang and Li ‘iceice‘ Peng.

As a result, all five players would split up and go their separate ways.

Judging from what happened at the showmatch though, it seemed like the players have buried the hatched. Perhaps that’s what time does to such squabbles.

Having said that, the question now on everyone’s mind is, can Wings Gaming reunite? So far, we haven’t really heard much from any of the players yet. But, judging from their contractual obligations, it’s highly unlikely. y` and Faith_bian are both contracted to EHOME while iceice is with Sun Gaming. At the same time, bLink has officially retired and put his playing days behind him. Of the five, only shadow is a free agent.

This makes a reunion highly improbably, but it’s not impossible.

Who knows? After what they showed at the Wings Gaming vs Team Liquid showmatch at the Chongqing Major, EHOME or another Chinese organization might just decide to play with the idea of reuniting the former champions for one last run.

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