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Windigo beats AGO to Win WESG 2018 Global Finals - Esportsranks
Windigo beats AGO to Win WESG 2018 Global Finals

The all-Bulgarian lineup of Windigo Gaming are now headed home $500,000 richer after winning the WESG 2018 Global Finals following their 2-1 win over AGO Esports in the Grand Finals.

Both Windigo Gaming and AGO Esports came into the WESG 2018 Global Finals as one of the underdogs. With the favourites such as MIBR and Fnatic still in play and on opposite side of the brackets, most had expected the two teams to meet in the grand finals eventually. However, both squads would fall at the hands of the eventual grand finalists. In particular, AGO Esports would end up giving Fnatic their first 16-0 loss in team history on Inferno — one of Fnatic’s best maps historically — in the first map of their best-of-three series during the semifinals.

With the loss, the all-Polish lineup of AGO Esports will take home $200,000. Meanwhile, France’s representatives, G2 Esports, will go home with $100,000 more to their name after beating Fnatic 2-0 in the third-place matchup earlier in the day. Finally, the defending champions, Fnatic, will go home with a fourth-place finish and $50,000 to show for their efforts.

The win at the WESG 2018 Global Finals is easily Windigo Gaming’s biggest win in their CS:GO team’s history.

WESG 2018 Global Finals Recap

WESG 2018 Global Finals

The 18-year-old Georgi ‘SHiPZ’ Grigorov was named as the MVP of the WESG 2018 Global Finals by HLTV. (Windigo Gaming)

The best-of-three grand final kicked off on Inferno where the T-sided Windigo Gaming won the pistol round and ripped off four more straight to go up 5-0. However, after losing back-to-back eco rounds, AGO Esports were able to save up enough money to go for a near full-buy round. They used this round to put themselves on the board with three of their members surviving. From then on, AGO Esports used the momentum to secure 8 straight rounds to lead 10-5 heading into the half.

What then ensued was yet another seesaw affair that saw Windigo Gaming threaten to make a run on the CT-side, going up 13-9 heading into the final few rounds before a successful bomb plant in Round 23 gave AGO Gaming back control of the game and eventually the series.

The series continued on Mirage where Windigo Gaming on the CT-side kicked things off with a successful bomb defuse. The Bulgarians then followed it up with 8 straight round wins before ended the half with a 10-5 lead. Now playing on the CT-side, AGO Esports played a bit more aggressively. They were able to successfully win enough rounds to be in striking distance of a win. However, despite going for an anti-eco round, a crucial mistake from AGO Esports’ Grzegorz ‘SZPERODziamałek would give the entry kill and the AWP to Windigo Gaming’s Yanko ‘blocker’ Panov, which he then used to take down two more members of AGO Esports to successfully secure the bomb site and map point for his team. 

Windigo Gaming Run Away With the Championship in Dust2

WESG 2018 Global Finals

bubble stepped up the most for Windigo Gaming in Dust2 to close out the series and take home championship. (Windigo Gaming)

Whereas the first two maps of the grand finals of the WESG 2018 Global Finals were tightly contested, Dust2 was all Windigo Gaming. In particular, it was the team’s in-game-leader, Kamen ‘bubble‘ Kostadinov, who took over and guided his team to the championship. After a relatively quiet tournament, bubble saved his best performance for last.

Windigo Gaming started Dust2 on the CT-side. They’d start things off on the wrong note after giving up the pistol round. However, they were able to tie the series 1-1 with a successful force-buy. From then on, Windigo Gaming’s consistent aggression and excellent utility usage would make it difficult for AGO Esports to take back control of the map. At the end of the first half, Windigo Gaming would hold a rather sizeable lead, 10-5.

Now on the T-side, the Bulgarians would, once again, give up the pistol round. Yet, again, they’d take it back with another successful full-buy just a round later. That was pretty much all she wrote as, save for a mid-half win from AGO Esports, which made the score 13-7 in favour of Windigo Gaming, the Bulgarians never really seized control of the map.

It was also during the latter stages of the first half and throughout the second half that bubble started going ham, as he ended the map with 31 kills, 12 of which were headshots. He was also fairly active around the map, with a 91.3% kill assist percentage and 135.5 ADR. But, while he was the lead performer for his team in Dust2, it was blocker who closed the map and gave his team the win for the second map in a row.

What’s Next?

For the winners of the WESG 2018 Global Finals, Windigo Gaming are bound for Osnabrück in Germany from March 30-31 for the United Masters League Season 1. Prior to this, however, Windigo Gaming, along with AGO Esports, will look to try and parlay their current run into a successful online showing at the ECS Season 7 Europe Pinnacle Cup, where they’re currently in contention for the last three spots.

As for both Fnatic and G2 Esports, it’ll be all online matches for the rest of March. However, Fnatic are also set to fly to Shanghai for the StarSeries & i-League CS:GO Season 7 on March 30.

While the WESG 2018 Global Finals is all but a blip in the radar for most top-tier CS:GO teams, the level of competition have steadily increased in recent years. Proof of this is how teams like Fnatic and MIBR no longer looked like gods among men in this year’s LAN finals. There may never come a team where teams will look at the tournament in the same light as the Majors. No amount of prize pool will likely change that. However, we can’t deny the fact that more and more teams are starting to take the tournament seriously.

With proper scheduling, we could see even more teams battle it out in the Global Finals of WESG 2019 next year.

What do you think was the biggest takeaway of the WESG 2018 Global Finals? Did Windigo Gaming’s championship run surprise you? What do you think is next for the Bulgarians? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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