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Why a League of Legends Mobile Game Is Long Overdue - Esportsranks
Why a League of Legends Mobile Game Is Long Overdue

Apparently, a League of Legends mobile game is going to come soon, and as much as most people would love for it not to happen, it is, and we can only prepare for it.

Or, at least, that’s the case if we are to go by the report from Reuters.

So, let’s say that the League of Legends mobile game is actually going to release. What now? Is it bad for League of Legends and Riot Games? What about Tencent? Don’t they already have a mobile version of League of Legends of their own in the form of Honor of Kings, otherwise known as Arena of Valor in China?

But, while most people aren’t keen on seeing the League of Legends mobile game actually release, it does make a lot of sense for Riot Games and Tencent to work together on a mobile version of League of Legends.

Why a League of Legends Mobile Game Makes Sense

League of Legends Mobile

A League of Legends mobile game would be the perfect way to cash in on the mobile gaming trend.

Riot Games’ have recently begun delving deeper into the lore and universe of League of Legends, with their most recent attempt being their collaboration with Marvel.

This is a nice gesture and all, but the universe still remain under-utilized. Not to mention, esports alone isn’t enough to make casual audiences feel invested in the game. At the same time, movies and TV series provide nowhere near the same kind of interaction that a game does, which takes them out of the equation.

This brings us to a League of Legends mobile game.

The League of Legends brand is recognizable as it is already. Even people who don’t play video games know it. But, the main barrier of entry is, not the game’s difficulty, but because you’d have to own a PC to play it. Not everyone can be bothered to play on a desktop or even a laptop these days. In fact, if you look at the current state of the market, you’d see that more and more people are switching to using smartphones and tablets fast.

This is where the League of Legends mobile game comes in.

By introducing the world of League of Legends as the same game but through a different medium, Riot Games and Tencent can bring it to a much wider audience. Of course, League of Legends, by itself, isn’t optimized for mobile games. For one, the games are far too long compared to the typical game length of an average mobile MOBA game. But, that can be fixed over time.

What’s important is that Riot Games gets League of Legends foot inside the mobile door, and the rest will eventually take care of itself.

Won’t there be a Conflict of Interest?

League of Legends

At the risk of losing profit from Arena of Valor, investing on a League of Legends mobile game makes a lot of sense for Tencent. (Arena of Valor / Tencent)

Good question.

Tencent already has Honor of Kings or Arena of Valor and they’re actually pretty decent. But, the thing is, Arena of Valor isn’t doing as well as they hoped it would. Meanwhile, League of Legends may no longer be growing at the same rate as it was before, but it still remains one of the most popular PC titles out there, and with the competitive scene of League of Legends boasting higher viewership numbers than ever, it’s only a matter of time before a new wave of players starts getting interested in the game.

Introducing League of Legends, a known brand, to smartphones and even the Nintendo Switch, can make League of Legends more accessible.

While this might eat into Arena of Valor, the potential gains could be a lot higher than the projected losses if in case the League of Legends mobile game does indeed end up cannibalizing Tencent’s very own.

Also, a League of Legends mobile game will complement the PC version in many ways. Because mobile games are much more accessible and will likely have much shorter game items, the experience won’t be the same, and it’s not far-fetched for players to switch between both, depending on their availability and preferences.

This added variety of gameplay could help revitalize the steadily declining playerbase of League of Legends.

A Win-Win Situation for Everybody

League of Legends Mobile

Despite the successful turnout of the 2019 Mid-Season Invitational in terms of viewership numbers, League of Legends desperately needs a way to bring in more players who are actively playing and spending money on the game. ( Colin Young-Wolff / Riot Games)

In the end, the release of a League of Legends mobile game all comes down to profit.

Tencent needs money. Riot Games needs money. And although the players can’t exactly monetize their League of Legends account, they could very well do with a much needed injection of a fresh playerbase.

So long as they take the time to develop the game well, a mobile version of League of Legends will serve as a gold mine for its developers and parent company. You’d best bet that the brains behind this all are most likely already thinking about incorporating a daily-reward system that encourages players to play on both their mobile and PC accounts, which will open up more monetization avenues for all parties involved.

Final Thoughts

Another added benefit of a League of Legends mobile game is that it allows Riot Games to diversify their portfolio.

Think about it. Riot Games are the developers of one of the biggest PC games ever. Yet, what do they have to show for themselves? Outside of League of Legends, they have none. Of course, they have made promises in the past. In fact, there are reports that Riot Games are working on multiple IPs as of the moment. But, until they come out on the market, Riot Games remain a one-trick pony.

Sure, a League of Legends mobile game is technically still just League of Legends, but it’s also different at the same time.

With that said, with no confirmed announcements as of yet, all we can do now is just wait.

If ever a League of Legends mobile game does indeed see the light of day, we can only hope that Riot Games and Tencent develop it with everyone’s best interests in mind.

What are your thoughts on a League of Legends mobile game? Do you think it’s a good idea? Do you think this is a smart move for Tencent? What do you think this means for League of Legends as a whole? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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