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Who’s Going to Win LoL Worlds 2018? - Esportsranks
Who’s Going to Win LoL Worlds 2018?

There’s just something different about LoL Worlds 2018. It’s like everything about it seems a bit … off. For starters, the teams that we’ve gotten accustomed to seeing are nowhere to be found.

The likes of Team SoloMid and SKT Telecom T1, some of the best teams of their regions that we once knew, are no longer with us (for now). It’s even likely that SKT might completely dissolve, although there’s really no telling what’s next for this team.

What we do know is that we’ve got some serious surprises waiting for us further down along this year. Fans might not exactly enjoy them, but it’s a given that change is afoot, so we might as well get in deep and talk about what’s to come in LoL Worlds 2018.

Who’s going to win, and what are their chances? Which teams are going to have a hard time, and which ones look like they’ll steamroll this event?

All betting odds courtesy of GGbet

LoL Worlds 2018: The Main Contenders

Let’s focus on the top teams in the event first. From here on, we can determine which one is going to rise to the top. Of course, their individual strengths aren’t the only factor playing a role in where they’ll land in LoL Worlds 2018. The teams they’re up against are imperative in this formula.


LoL Worlds 2018

Gen.G have a lot of experience reaching Worlds finals. Can they do it again? (Image via kenzi Flickr)

Outright odds: 4.00 (via GGbet

They’ve got one Worlds Cup at home. However, since that time, they’ve changed their name twice – no, thrice – we’ve actually lost count by this point. However, the main point is that they’re a team that definitely has what it takes to win the event once more.

We didn’t think Gen.G would make it to LoL Worlds 2018. They had the most intense teams of the region against them, some of which we thought had the potential to Worlds this year. Namely, Griffin and Kingzone DragonX were the teams that were supposed to wipe the floor with Gen.G.

Both these teams were supposedly destined for LoL Worlds 2018 and looked completely unstoppable, and yet Gen.G somehow managed to exploit their seemingly non-existent weaknesses. If Gen.G can beat those super teams, there’s nothing to suggest that they’ll stop at this point.

Gen.G has a passive playing style, and they excel at winning the late game. However, they can also adapt on the fly and alter their strategy, which is what they displayed against Griffin.

The team has a solid and reliable roster and has star players in Crown, Ruler and CuVee. These players have shown fearlessness and consistency during the last weeks of the summer split. However, they have fallen off during most of the year and barely scraped their way to LoL Worlds 2018.

There’s no telling if they might fall back to their old ways and start showing weakness, in which case RNG will have a one-way ticket to the quarterfinals.

Royal Never Give Up

LoL Worlds 2018

Uzi is fast becoming synonymous with ‘God’ in the LoL universe. (Image via Kenzi Flickr)

Outright odds: 3.25 (via GGbet

Right now, if perception was the only key player to determine which team could dominate LoL Worlds 2018, it looks like RNG is going to smoke every team in the scene. Yes, that’s how formidable they’ve made themselves at this point.

This year, this team doesn’t know how to lose. They’ve won every tournament, whether regional or international. They’ve beaten the spring split, the summer split, and gave Korea a run for their money during MSI and Rift Rivals.

They even put that crimson, delicious cherry on top of this cake of victory during the Asian Games in Jakarta. Granted, the players were somewhat mixed, and the tournament wasn’t taken too seriously, but it was a lot of RNG players versus Korean players, who got obliterated.

Should RNG win LoL Worlds 2018, they’ll be the first team in League of Legends history to have won every tournament they’ve had throughout the year. Uzi, the team’s ADC, has come much too far to start slacking at this point. He’s felt the Worlds Cup slip from between his fingers before, and it doesn’t look like he’s in the mood to let anything of the likes happen this year.

It’s almost impossible to win a 5v5 team fight against RNG once Uzi is on 3 items or more, which is what makes this team so unstoppable. His mechanical prowess is impossible to deal with.

Invictus Gaming

LoL Worlds 2018

Invictus Gaming have to prove that they’re better than RNG during this event. (Image via kenzi Flickr)

Outright odds: 4.5 (via GGbet

Possibly the weakest of the four teams we’ve got for display, Invictus Gaming has had very little success on international grounds, and LoL Worlds 2018 doesn’t have to be an exception. Their playstyle is balanced and calculated, and you could almost think of them as the Gen.G of China. One that has more trophies to their name, of course.

Invictus, like Gen.G, has a solid, reliable roster that gets the job done. TheShy was one of the most difficult obstacles in RNG’s path towards winning the summer split. Rookie, Invictus’s mid laner, is an aspiring and continuously rising talent who’s a pain to deal with in lane.

On the plus side (for other teams, not Invictus), iBoy really starts to struggle when his performance matters a lot. This could very well be the defining point in Invictus’s loss during the LoL Worlds 2018 if they aren’t careful.

KT Rolster

kr rolster LoL Worlds 2018

kt Rolster may have made it to LoL Worlds 2018, but what will they achieve? (Image via kenzi Flickr)

Outright odds: 3.00 (via GGbet

The only team among the four in our list to have never made it to Worlds, we’ve got no idea how they’ll perform.

They did win the LCK Summer split, which isn’t a trifle by any means, but we’re still somewhat unconvinced of what they’ll actually be able to do during LoL Worlds 2018. They might take off completely, or they might hit the ground running. Either way, this year is the spell-breaker for them, and they’re probably only going up from here on out.

However, we still need to address where this team fits into the spectrum. This team doesn’t really have anything special to offer. This was not the case a year ago when this team’s trademark playstyle was extreme, non-stop aggression which would make even super teams like SKT (yes, SKT was a super team at one point in case you’ve been living under a rock).

Now, their playstyle is almost passive, and that leaves them without an identity in this vortex of super teams – all of whom are hell-bent on winning the LoL Worlds 2018 Cup.

KT Rolster will have to convince us that they deserve being here, and that shouldn’t be too difficult seeing that they’ve been put into an easy group.

LoL Worlds 2018: Predicted Winner

We did sideline the NA and EU LCS, which isn’t exactly fair. Misfits, a team from Europe that made it to Worlds last year, actually almost defeated SKT in the quarterfinals. Seeing that SKT made it to the finals, there’s no reason to suggest that Misfits couldn’t have done the same.

The point is, Team Liquid and Fnatic are looking confident this year. Team Liquid may have slipped here and there, but Fnatic have remained steadfast, which makes us believe that they might go far this year. Can they win LoL Worlds 2018? Perhaps not. However, they’ll probably put up a great fight, and that’s something we can believe in.

Invictus Gaming and kt Rolster actually have a good chance at making it past the group stage. The same can’t be said for Gen.G and RNG since they’re both in the same group. Luckily for everyone else, only one of these super teams will be making it past the group stage.

This does a lot to make the event more – eventful, since we won’t have an anticlimactic finale between Gen.G and RNG where Gen.G win in the most boring style ever.

One team that isn’t receiving enough attention, but could potentially take off, is Afreeca Freecs. They’ve found themselves in an easy group, and we’d be highly disappointed if they failed to get to the quarterfinals. Compared to the other teams in LoL Worlds 2018, however, they sort of fall short. Their performance in the group stage might be able to change our mind, but until then, we’re not counting on them winning this event.

RNG Could Take It All This Year

Speaking from an unbiased position, RNG have looked monstrous this year. If they don’t choke, they’ve got LoL Worlds 2018 in the bag. Last year, their onslaught was stopped by none other than SKT, the super team who aren’t exactly super anymore. Without them here, this team could completely annihilate anyone in its path. At least, that’s what we think they’ve got the potential to achieve.

The meta hasn’t changed much, which means Uzi has the liberty to choose between Kai’sa, Xayah, Vayne and Varus. The overall meta is perfect for RNG to manoeuvre themselves as they wish, and they can easily use the early game to snowball their leads or play for the late game.

All they need to do … is not choke, and the event is theirs for the taking.

What do you think of our analysis? Do you think RNG is as overpowered as we think? Which teams are you supporting in LoL Worlds 2018? Let us know in the comments below!

All betting odds courtesy of GGbet

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