Who we are


Gil Erez
Gli is a gamer of 25+ years experience. Before web browsers were invented, he dabbled in MMO text-based games on a BBS. That involved into MUDs. That evolved into console and PC gaming. He is an expert in anything FIFA, having played the game since it's initial inception. Gil left his position as CEO of an online financial trading firm in early 2017 to found Esportsranks.com, and hasn't looked back since.


Ray Ian Ampoloquio
A lifelong gamer who initially had dreams of going pro, Ray has since turned his attention to writing Esports content and hardware reviews. Since joining Esportsranks, Ray has covered Valve's premiere MOBA, Dota 2, extensively, providing meta analyses, tournament previews, predictions and recaps, as well as the occasional power rankings.
Davor Gasparevic
Davor Gasparevic is the Senior Editor for League of Legends. He is a passionate, professional contributor for gaming and Esports online media outlets. With 7 years of experience in various online industries, ranging from marketing, business and gaming to health, wellness and fitness, he brings a unique perspective to the table. He is currently in charge of Esportsranks' League of Legends section, with a keen eye on and an interest in Overwatch, PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS and Rocket League.
Alex Phoenix
Alex is the editor of the CS:GO section on this site. He has been active in the games development and Esports scene for more than a decade, even experimenting with creating DOTA-like maps in the original Warcraft III engine that spawned DOTA 2. He also used to hold regional FIFA and CS:GO tournaments. Now he runs his own indie games-dev company, and mods games on the side. He's also a 3D texture artist, and an expert on 'skins', often creating his own complete sets.

Senior Writers

Michael Davies
Michael is based in America and a professional eSports journalist who writes for eSportsranks about the professional League of Legends gaming scene. His previous work has been included in publications such as JAM magazine, Spellbound, and the IAN.
Hamish Davison
Hamish is an English writer from the North of England from a region called Yorkshire. He has been a gamer his entire life and he follow Esports religiously. He's an expert on all things Esport related but in particular, his passion is for League of Legends and CS:GO.
Obligatory hipster coffee machine employee