What’s Wrong With The MiBR CSGO Squad?

The latest MiBR CSGO squad wasn’t supposed to be like this. They weren’t supposed to be underdogs heading into any kind of tournament. Just from the names on the roster alone, they should be right up there along with the likes of Natus Vincere and Team Liquid. Some would even argue that they should be Astralis’ biggest threat.

Currently, however, the all-new Brazilian MiBR CSGO lineup isn’t even close to contending — they can’t even win matches.

Again, this shouldn’t have happened.

Lest we forget the MiBR CSGO lineup that we see today is the same CS:GO lineup that SK Gaming fielded years ago that took the competitive scene by storm and was firmly on top, not just for weeks, but for months. But, even if we consider that the scene has improved since and that Astralis have set the bar so much higher than previous dominant squads like SK Gaming ever did, the current MiBR CSGO lineup is a far cry from even their performances playing under the SK Gaming banner.

So, what gives? What happened to the MiBR CSGO squad that they’re performing like this? And, more importantly, what does the future hold for this all-star lineup?

Where are the MiBR CSGO Lineup Currently At?


Losers of more than half of their games these past three months, MiBR CSGO is more than just a work in progress. (MIBR)

On paper, MiBR have one of the best lineups in all of CS:GO.

Just think about it. Nearly all five players have won a Major before. Not only that, majority of them have already achieved so much together. The only outlier is João ‘felps‘ Vasconcellos and his team with SK Gaming in 2017 started off in the right way and he only started under-performing right at the end when he started becoming unhappy with his role in the team.

Bringing together all five players together, along with arguably one of the best coaches in CS:GO in Wilton ‘zews‘ Prado, should have resulted into instant success.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t.

MiBR have yet to win a single tournament of note with their current lineup, and with a showdown against the likes of Astralis, Natus Vincere, and Team Liquid, as well as FaZe Clan, at the BLAST Pro Series Miami 2019, their sub 50% winrate with their current lineup over the past three months in LAN matches is only going to go down unless they do something to turn things around.

But, then again, what exactly can they do?

What Is Wrong with MiBR Now?


While TACO is expected to give way to coldzera, the way he’s underperformed so far is still very uncharacteristic of him. (MIBR)

You could argue that MiBR are just going through the growing pains of a new lineup. Yes, they’ve played previously together before, but that was years ago. Two years, to be precise. A lot can happen during that happen. Players can change. Their personalities may have matured, but their games have also evolved, and what worked then may no longer work now, especially with the meta of today in CS:GO being drastically different from what was the meta then.

Still, it somehow feels like more than that.

You see, when you insert familiar players in familiar lineups, you kind of expect them to do better if not maintain their previous level. Prior to the disband, MiBR were doing relatively well. Yes, they may not have won big tournaments like the current lineup, but they were on the cusp multiple times. Also, while that team also had their down moments, they never really came this low — they won against lesser competition and looked competitive against elite CS:GO teams.

The problem with the current MiBR lineup isn’t that it’s a work in progress, it’s that it looks like it’s a lost cause.

Gabriel ‘FalleN‘ Toledo clearly isn’t going to start performing any better soon, but the rest of the team hasn’t exactly picked up the slack either. Even Marcelo ‘coldzera‘ David isn’t terrorizing servers anymore. Epitácio ‘TACO‘ de Melo, who was brought in to help provide support so that the rest of the team can amp up their aggression, looks out of place, and felps, who was supposed to be the wildcard, is doing anything but what’s expected of him.

Can MiBR Still Salvage This?


It all falls on zews to try and make some sense of the current MIBR CSGO lineup. (MIBR)

If there’s any hope for the current MIBR CSGO lineup, it’s that they’re fairly new.

This means that they should still have time to fix any of the weaknesses that they have and at least try to be competitive. Sure, that probably won’t be enough to satisfy the people signing their paychecks, but any sign of progress is at least better than regression, which is clearly what’s happening so far with MiBR.

Plus, there’s also the possibility that MiBR are just taking their time rounding into season form, and what we thought was signs of the team not knowing how to play together was just them experimenting to find out what worked best for them in the current state of the game.

We can never really truly tell what’s happening behind the scenes, after all.

Either way, we’ll find out soon enough which is which. MiBR will find themselves tested in the coming weeks ahead. After the BLAST Pro Series Miami 2019, they’ll be off to Sydney for IEM Sydney 2019, as well as EPL Season 9 — Americas.

This busy schedule should give MiBR enough of an idea if they can still salvage this or not. If not, then, there’s always the option of buying out another Brazilian player from another team, which is what MiBR was reportedly planning on doing anyway with Kaike ‘KSCERATO‘ Cerato before they settled with their current lineup

Final Thoughts

It’s never easy to see a squad go through what the current MiBR CSGO lineup are going through, but sometimes, that’s just how things go. Sometimes, players team up and things go well. Other times, it doesn’t. There have been plenty of cases in the past when previously successfully lineups reunited only to fail to live up to the standards that they set previously, and that could very well be what could happen to MiBR.

Until then, we won’t jump to any conclusions yet.

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what MiBR are going to do next.

What do you think is the future for the current MiBR lineup? Do you think they can turn things around and start living up to their potential? Or will this all-Brazilian experiment blow up in their face worse than last year’s English lineup did? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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