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What's Included with The International 2019 Battle Pass? - Esportsranks
What’s Included with The International 2019 Battle Pass?

Every year, the TI Battle Pass brings a myriad of cool items and prizes, and The International 2019 Battle Pass is no exception.

From new, as well as old, chat voice lines to new couriers and styles, as well as multiple items exclusive only to owners of this year’s Battle Pass and a real-life Roshan statue, The International 2019 Battle Pass gives you plenty of reasons to throw money at your screen. But, if you prefer to grind, that’s okay. The beauty of the Battle Pass is that you’re not really obligated to spend money on it. At least, outside of the initial purchase. Not to mention, the Battle Pass is not as bad as most people make it out to be. Yes, even though the more recent Battle Pass versions have come under fire for including fewer ways to grind levels, it’s still possible to work your way towards a respectable level without spending a lot of money, or any at all.

So, if you’re really insistent on just sticking to the base version of The International 2019, that’s perfectly fine.

At $9.99 at level one, The International 2019 Battle Pass, which released just a couple of days ago, is quite the steal. It’s a purchase that will net you quite a few cool gifts, as well as added features to the game.

Below, we laid out some of the neat stuff that comes with the level one version of The International 2019 Battle Pass.

The International 2019 Compendium

The International 2019 Battle Pass

It hasn’t even been more than half a week, and yet, the prize pool for TI9 is looking like it’s going to surpass TI8’s $25.5 million quite easily.

The one that started it all.

The TI Compendium has been a part of TI since crowdfunding started way back in 2013. Seeing as to how it’s played a huge role in helping Dota 2 secure the record for the biggest esports prize pool for the nth year in a row, it only made sense that Valve make the decision to bring the TI Compendium back for another reason.

As it is, the TI9 Compendium doesn’t contain much yet. But, as soon as The International 2019 kicks in, expect to see more information regarding the tournament in Shanghai this August.

Among the sort of information you should expect to see in the TI9 compendium includes a complete talent list, as well as information on all the participating teams, real-life bracket updates, and so much more.

Exclusive Custom Games and Modes

The International 2019 Battle Pass

After going the battle royale route last year, Valve might opt for something more traditional in this year’s game mode exclusive to Battle Pass owners. (Valve / Dota 2)

For years now, Valve have been using the TI Battle Pass to try and introduce some custom games to Dota 2.

For The International 2019, Valve added the Wrath of the Mo’Rokai custom game mode, which will probably be released in the future. Another game mode added to Dota 2 along with the TI9 Battle Pass is the Coach’s Challenge, where players can choose to coach lower-ranked players and guide them towards a victory. The more wins a player has as a coach, the higher his Coach Rating will be, and the more additional Battle Points he’ll receive.

The TI9 Player Card Pack

The International 2019 Battle Pass

Once again, Battle Pass owners can create their own Fantasy teams and try to rack up as many points as possible to receive more rewards at the end of TI.

The Player Cards have served one major purpose since it was added as part of the TI Compendium/Battle Pass, and that is to allow players to create their own “fantasy team” where they can earn Battle Points depending on their success throughout the entire tournament.

Immortal Treasure I, II, and III

The International 2019 Battle Pass

The Reaper’s Wreath cosmetic for Drow Ranger is the Bonus Ultra Rare reward for the Immortal Treasure I. (Valve / Dota 2)

A staple of the yearly TI Battle Pass, the Immortal Treasure contains some of the most unique and beautiful cosmetics available in Dota  that are exclusive only to a particular TI.

Each Immortal Treasure contains a number of Immortal class items, with a couple of luck-based “rare” items thrown in as a reward for lucky players. As always, you don’t need to worry about duplicates at first. You’ll only be getting a duplicate of a particular Immortal once you’ve opened enough Immortal Treasure to get all of them.

As of the moment, only the Immortal Treasure I is available. The Immortal Treasure II and Immortal Treasure III should come fairly soon.

The International 2019 Music and Cursor Pack

Ever since the release of the TI Compendium and despite the shift to a TI Battle Pass, Valve have made sure to bundle Dota 2’s yearly crowdfunding tool with a decent music pack for all fans to listen to.

The TI9 Battle Pass is no exception.

Also included with the base package of The International 2019 Battle Pass is the TI9 Cursor Pack.

Sentinels of Ruin — Ward

It’s not a forest-themed TI without some good old fashioned Ward cosmetic items whose huge eyes and tiki-like designs should make it a fan favouurite rather quickly.

Beetlebark and Plod — Courier

This impossibly adorable duo features what looks like a small radiant club riding a giant beetle as they transport your items all across the map in various circumstances,  as any good courier should.

The basic Beetlebark and Plod courier comes along with everything else you receive with the level 1 TI9 Battle Pass. But, just like with previous TI couriers, you can unlock additional styles to help improve the look of the cute courier.

Arcana Voting

Another year, another TI, and another chance to vote for your favourite hero to get the Arcane item that he or she deserves by buying a TI Battle Pass and casting your votes.

Last year’s winner was Rubick, who was preceded by Pudge. This year, we’re likely going to see another fierce voting battle as fans and players alike vote for their favourite Dota 2 chaaracters to finally start getting some love.

Buying the base version of The International 2019 Battle Pass will give you sixteen votes.

Rank Double Down Token

By purchasing The International 2019 Battle Pass, you’ll receive a rank double down token that you can use to wager on your matches.

Be careful, however. If you win, you’ll get twice as much MMR. But, if you lose, you’ll lose twice as much as well.

Final Thoughts

Once again, Valve is using the TI Battle Pass to experiment with new features that we could see in Dota 2 down the line.

For The International 2019 Battle Pass, Valve added new features exclusive to Battle Pass owners as of the moment, such as the Party Finder and the Avoid Player features. The former lets players add other people to their party without having to add them to their friend list on Steam. Meanwhile, the latter gives players the option to avoid toxic and raging players by allowing them to filter out said players from their matchmaking pool.

Click here for a complete list of all the cosmetics and features that will come with The International 2019 Battle Pass and at what levels.

What do you think of The International 2019 Battle Pass? Is it an improvement over what we got in previous years? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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