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WESG - SK Gaming and Cloud9 Dominate the NA Qualifiers - Esportsranks
WESG – SK Gaming and Cloud9 Dominate the NA Qualifiers

The North American qualifiers of the WESG begin today, with seven teams competing against each other for a place at the main event. All the matches are going to be online matches in this four day qualifier. SK Gaming, as the world’s top team, will definitely be there, and boltz will be with them this time. Canada is sending two teams to the event, the French Canadians and subtLe. Team Mexico comes in from Central America. There are three teams from the United States, including the reigning champions of the ELEAGUE, Cloud9, as well as Mythic and Swole Patrol.

SK Gaming are likely to dominate the WESG qualifiers

We’ve seen just how strong SK Gaming are in offline matches with their current lineup. This will be their first online event with boltz, but that shouldn’t faze SK Gaming, who have always shown absolute mastery in online matches even before boltz joined the team. There was a time when they were playing a trifle unreliably, especially in the early stages of an event, but that isn’t the case anymore. They have not lost against any low tier team since boltz joined up, utterly dominating world CS:GO, and retaking the top spot in the global rankings that they had briefly lost to FaZe Clan. While SK Gaming had to fight the ELEAGUE without boltz, they were deeply grateful to felps, who helped them out wholeheartedly there.

Cloud9, the ELEAGUE Champions

The ELEAGUE Champions now rank third in the global rankings, taking Astralis’ long-held spot. Cloud9 have shown exceptional gameplay in the ELEAGUE, but will they be able to stand against teams like SK Gaming in online matches? That remains to be seen, but Cloud9 are more than capable of doing so, having played sixty four online matches with forty seven wins, which gives them a win rate of over seventy three percent. They are, in fact, one of the most effective teams in the world online, which comes from them being ex-Call of Duty veterans who are used to fighting online battles. This has made their online game very precise, since, as compared to Call of Duty, CS:GO has much better servers.

A wide online map pool

Cloud9 have not lost a single match in Overpass, out of four matches played. They have played ten matches in Cobblestone and five in Cache, with an eighty percent win rate in each. Their most played maps are Inferno, in which they have fought twenty matches, and Mirage, in which they have fought seventeen matches, and they have a seventy percent win rate in both of them. They are also very good in Train, with a sixty percent win rate. The map they don’t play in both online and offline events is Nuke, which is a permanent ban for this team.

Cloud9 at the WESG

Image Credit: Cloud

French Canadians, a team on the verge of destruction

It is a miracle that this team are able to participate in these qualifiers at all. It all started when their coach Roy ‘StrongLegs’ Ahad, broke from the team. A month later, Anthony ‘gMd’ Guimond and their captain Yassine ‘Subroza’ Taoufik had also left the team. Two months later, Mert ‘REOVA’ Beyrak left French Canadians and joined LFAO, but returned a few days later. On the same day, Keven ‘PLAYER1’ Champagne not only left the team but also took a break from CS:GO. Two weeks later Loic ‘effys’ Sauvageau left the team to join Ghost Academy. This left just REOVA on the team, with moose from Rise Nations as a stand-in. Not much of a team, really, as anyone would agree.

However, the team seems to have been resurrected for the WESG, and Subroza, gMd, effys, moose and vSa will be playing for French Canadians. If they do well here, we should see them together again in future, but since this is a player-owned team, a series of crushing defeats here could spell the end for French Canadians.


While quite some time has passed since subtLe put together their new lineup, they have nevertheless played just four online matches. They did win all of those, and currently stand fifty eighth in the world. Their new roster includes Kyle ‘OCEAN’ O’Brien, who has played three hundred and four matches and Matthew ‘no_one’ Congdon, who has played two hundred and seventy four. Terry ‘dsr’ Rioux has played one hundred and eighty nine matches, and Derrick ‘LILMAN’ Boyne has played one hundred and fifty eight. Leonardo ‘Laski’ Arroyo has played the least matches of any player on this team, with just sixty two matches played. While the players are reasonably experienced, it is unlikely that they will go up successfully against the more powerful teams in this qualifier.

Swole Patrol

The team are ranked seventy fifth globally, and have played just six matches online so far. Swole have won all of those, but of course their opponents were all low tier teams. They have never won an offline LAN match, so there’s no chance that they could survive into the upper levels of this event. Their best map is Inferno, with three wins out of three matches played. Other than Inferno, they have played Train, Nuke and Overpass once each, winning each match. Their current lineup consists of Samuel ‘SileNt’ Portillo, Ryan ‘ryann’ Welsh, Ryan ‘fREAKAZOiD’ Abadir, Austin ‘Cooper-’ Abadir, Jordan ‘Zellsis’ Montemurro, and their coach Corey ‘ruin’ Hartog. Except for fREAKAZOiD and SileNt, the other players are all fairly new to the CS:GO world.


One wonders how a team like Mythic could qualify for the WESG, ranking as they do, one hundred and eighth globally. Mythic have never won an event with their lineup, despite playing sixty seven online matches with an average win rate of forty nine percent. The team barely manage to qualify for events, and are likely to fall in these qualifiers. While their map pool cannot be called strong, they do have a seventy eight percent win rate in Cobblestone. They are also good in Cache and Mirage, with an almost sixty percent win rate in each map.

Team Mexico have all the luck

Players from different teams have come together to form Team Mexico, just to enter WESG. This team had all the luck in the Mexican Qualifiers, going up against Aztek Gaming, who forfeited, allowing them to walk into the finals. There they were lucky once again, as they were to face Kukulkan Esports, who again, inexplicably, forfeited the match, allowing Team Mexico to qualify for the North American qualifiers of the WESG without firing a shot. Will they advance to the main event? Well, perhaps some obscure Aztec deity guards their fate, and every team that stands in their path to the main event will also forfeit their upcoming matches. But if that doesn’t happen, they have some very tough battles ahead.

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