Predictions for the Semi Finals of WESG 2017

The Quarter Finals of the WESG are over and teams are moving into the Semi finals. The first team to qualify for the Semi Finals was Space Soldiers. They fought against Team EnVyUs in the Quarter Finals and won the first two matches, completely decimating Team EnVyUs. This was a shock to Team EnVyUs since they are certainly a Tier one team, while Space Soldiers are generally seen as Tier three. The second team to qualify were Team Ukraine, which includes strong elements of Natus Vincere and Hell Raisers. Wololos made things tough for Team Ukraine during their encounter in the Quarter Finals, but the Ukrainian squad prevailed. Their first match went into overtime and was won by Wololos, but the remaining two were won by Team Ukraine.

The other qualifying teams were Fnatic and GODSENT.

Fnatic are one of the strongest teams competing  at this event. They faced AGO Gaming in the Quarter Finals and defeated them quite easily in the first match. The second match went into overtime and was then won by Fnatic. AGO Gaming do show potential, though, because they first defeated Fnatic in the Group Matches and then managed to fight to a draw in Mirage in the Quarter Finals. Not bad for a Tier three team.

The last team to qualify for the Semi Finals was GODSENT. They faced Belgium in the Quarter Finals and the first two matches were quite intense, with each team winning a match. Match three was the shortest match in the WESG this year, because GODSENT scored sixteen rounds, and Belgium didn’t take a single round, giving GODSENT something very rare in CS:GO, a flawless victory.

Predictions for the Semi Finals of the WESG

Space Soldiers Vs GODSENT

GODSENT is doing pretty well with their new roster in WESG Europe. They played seven LAN matches and lost only a single match. This gives them a win-rate of eight five percent per match and sixty four percent per round. This also makes GODSENT currently the best team in WESG Europe. Space Soldiers were able to win six matches, lost two, and tied in one. They have a sixty six percent chance to win a match and fifty five percent for a round.

Image Credit: WESG

The stats show that GODSENT are a better team than Space Soldiers. Don’t forget that Space Soldiers also defeated Team EnVyUs in the Quarter Finals. If GODSENT underestimates them they will lose for sure. Space Soldiers also defeated BIG in the Group matches, and this gives them more weight against GODSENT. The odds are currently running at 1.37 on Space Soldiers, if you’d like to venture a stake.

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Fnatic Vs Team Ukraine

Brollan is standing in for KRiMZ on Fnatic’s roster at WESG. With this roster, designed just for the WESG, Fnatic have played in eight LAN matches. Even with one player replaced, Fnatic should have been the best team at the WESG. But out of eight matches played they lost two, and one of the matches went into overtime. They have still have a seventy five percent chance of winning a match and a sixty percent chance to win a round.

Image Credit: WESG

Team Ukraine are performing quite on par with Fnatic. They participated in nine LAN matches and won seven of them, losing just two. This gives them a win-rate of seventy eight percent per match and fifty eight percent per round. They also went into overtime once. Both teams are equal, and we’d advise you to put your money on the previous match, rather than this one. If you still wish to risk a stake, the odds are moving at 1.39 on Fnatic!

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