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Weekly Recap: TI Prize Pool Breaks Record, Immortals III and More - Esportsranks
Weekly Recap: TI Prize Pool Breaks Record, Immortals III and More

This year’s TI Prize Pool breaking past last year’s ginormous record and the release of The Immortal Treasure III highlight what has been a relatively quiet 2nd week of July.

The Record-Breaking TI Prize Pool

TI Prize Pool

Earlier this week, this year’s TI prize pool broke last year’s record and is now well on its way to setting a new record.

Last year’s prize pool managed to reach $20,770,460 once the crowd-funding ended and with a few more weeks left to go, it’s safe to say that this year’s prize pool will be a whole lot bigger.

Right now, the prize pool is halfway through the $21 million mark and is showing no signs of slowing down.

For real-time updates on the TI prize pool, be sure to follow Cyborgmatt’s prize pool tracker here.

Alliance Wins The Final Match 2017

TI Prize Pool

Sporting an all-new roster with no one from the TI3-winning squad in sight, the fresh faces of Alliance just gave the organisation their first LAN title in a very long time and in dominant fashion at that.

Alliance just could not be stopped at The Final Match 2017 as they took home the title while dropping just a single game throughout the entire event.

While many will probably knock on how the tournament, which was also the largest of its level in South America, didn’t really feature any top-tier teams, a win is a win regardless and it’s a huge confidence booster for a team that has been stuck in a rut for quite a while.

Recaps: Group Stages | Playoffs | Grand Finals | Meta Recap

Valve Releases The Immortal Treasure III

After a long wait, Valve has finally released the last of the Immortal treasures.

The Immortal Treasure III includes sets for Spectre, Weaver, Legion Commander, Winter Wyvern, Sand King, as well as the first ever cosmetic item for Viper. 

Other drops include 50 Battle Pass levels (rare), a golden version of Weaver’s immortal (very rare) and the Vigil Triumph cosmetic sword for Sven (ultra rare).

Virtus.Pro Extends Dota Team’s Contract

Esports teams rarely stay together for long. The longest teams stick it out with the same group is probably a year before they decide to disband to try to switch things up. Most don’t even last for a few months, which makes Virtus.Pro’s recent decision definitely news-worthy.

Just a few days ago, the Russian organisation and their current Dota 2 roster came to terms on a contract extension that will see the squad play under their banners through 2018.

It not only is unusual for teams to sign contracts that long, it’s even more unusual for a team to do that before TI. Although you can’t really blame the organisation for trusting their Dota 2 roster, as the team have the results to show for their contract.

For more information, click here.

2GD Goes on 10-Minute Rant on Twitch

TI Prize Pool

Image via Official DotaMajor Stream

Never one to hold back his thoughts, James ‘2GD’ Harding went on a 10-minute rant on his Twitch stream about how poor the working conditions were for the talents at the last TI he hosted, The International 4.

2GD’s main problem was how overworked the selected talents at the event were and the lack of available food.

ICYMI, Valve fired 2GD from the Shanghai Major due to certain issues after initially hiring him to host the event.

Click here to listen to the whole 10-minute segment.

LFY Face Visa Issues Ahead of TI7

TI Prize Pool

LFY_DOTA2 / Weibo

Fresh off their dominance at MDL 2017, it seems that LGD Gaming can’t rest on its laurels just yet. As it turns out, two members of their sister squad, LFY, are currently facing visa issues, as posted by the organisation on weibo, which was then translated and posted on Reddit two days ago.

The two players in question are Du ‘Monet’ Peng and He ‘Inflame’ Yongzheng, who were nearly immediately denied entry to the United States upon their application. The organisation has since made arrangements for another round of interviews for the two players.

Visa issues are not new for foreign teams participating at TI, especially for LGD Gaming. 

Last year, LGD Gaming’s Xue ‘September’ Zhichuan was not able to attend the event after four tries. Zhou ‘Yang’ Haiyang from ViCi Gaming Reborn was not able to attend TI6 as well due to visa problems.

With TI7 just a few weeks away, losing both players due to visa issues will be a huge blow to their chances at the event.

Other Noteworthy Dota News

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