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Weekly Recap: LoL Patch 7.14, LCS (NA>EU), Franchising and More - Esportsranks
Weekly Recap: LoL Patch 7.14, LCS (NA>EU), Franchising and More

LoL Patch 7.14 – The Shadow Reaper

We’ve already talked about the shadowy new champion and the  LoL patch 7.14 that brought it into play. As it usually happens, there are still some lingering bugs associated with this new, tormented jungler, but Riot has already begun ironing out the kinks.

The patch has barely landed, so the edgy boy is still sparsely getting picked in competitive play though.

A lot of people are scared of his sick wall-walkthrough ability so they just ban him in every match. Others can’t wait to walk him through some walls!

Also, some pros have nothing but praise, while others, such as TSM Bjergsen, straight up bash on it.

It’s going to take a while before he becomes a more regular pick. Once he does… oh boy! Can’t wait!

LCS And Beyond…


The situation at NA LCS is… well, there’s no one word to describe it really!

The 3 teams at the top, TSM, IMT and CLG are there rightfully so. TSM is on a steady improvement streak, while both IMT and CLG had mind-boggling hiccups recently against Phoenix1 and Dignitas.

Nevertheless, the score is clear – 9 wins and 3 losses for each of the three top dogs. It’s a race!

Dignitas and EnVy have pushed past C9 this week. A noteworthy accomplishment for both teams, unfortunately it’s a bit too far from the top 3 to catch up.

C9, EchoFox, Team Liquid and, again, Phoenix1, have all gone winless this week. No time to play around boys, pick your weights up and push!


LoL Patch 7.14 EU LCS

Flickr @lolesports

The EU LCS scene is much more solidified compared to NA.

The two group leaders Fnatic and UOL are dominant at the top. H2K is still blowing wind in their rear-view mirror.

G2 caught up with Splyce and Misfits, showing a nudge of improvement, likely resulting from that dreaded Rift Rivals performance.

Vitality still hangs by the thread of hope for playoffs, but ROCCAT, Mysterious Monkeys and NIP are almost surely all out of contention already.

Pros Highlights

              Support Main Rank 1 NA

Immortals support wizard Olleh makes a strong case for all playmaking support mains.

At 1176 LP and 73% winrate on Thresh, he hit rank 1 on NA recently.

What a god!

               Dopa Hits Rank 1 KR

On July 14th, legendary Dopa climbed to rank 1.

In the video he uploaded to his official YouTube channel soon after reaching the goal, he expressed frustration having to play for a full month to hit rank 1, constantly mentioning an urge to play Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds instead of LoL.

He hated playing against Faker due to Faker’s low LP, or any skilled low elo players who used Syndra, Taliyah and Orianna due to having trash teammates.

Furthermore, he stated the current meta is not ADC-favored, with Caitlyn and Twitch clearly overpowered atm. He was banning Twitch first, and then switched to Syndra once his LP was high enough.

After 1000 LP, he prayed that Kassadin gets banned so he can have some fun with Twisted Fate, which is why he had very high winrate with it.

Interesting insight into the mind of LoL’s best solo ranker in the world!

New Tool For Pro Teams!

Team Liquid and LoL statistician Tim Sevenhuysen recently announced a new tool conveniently named Shadow LOL.

The tool was designed specifically for professional competitive LoL scene. It will offer a range of options for collecting, managing and using professional LoL data.

A few noteworthy features include tracking individual player’s picks, customizable replays, organized team scrims results tracker and more.

The initial price tag for Shadow LOL hovers above the $800 mark. Since it’s a first of its kind, it remains to be seen whether it will gain any traction whatsoever.

With professional teams relying on very small differences and tight edges, this just might be the first step towards a more scientific opponent screening!

Should Riot Force Teams to Have Psychologists?

The stress and pressure these young pro players such as C9 Ray feel is often times too much to bear. Pros have often cited those as reasons for leaving the pro scene all together.

Fans are often relentless and go too far. Another factor is the physical distance of players from home, especially imports from Korea and other Asian countries. This puts players way out of their comfort zone.

It wasn’t that long ago that Riot decided teams must have coaches. Thinking about players’ mental health, it would be quite prudent if Riot decided to include psychologists in the list of required staff.

Psychologists and other mental health therapists can help not only players suffering from bouts of depression and other mental ailments, but to also lift the spirits of whole team.

Some teams have already begun using the services of licensed psychologists and psychotherapists and had nothing but positive outcomes. More team should join the fray.

What do you as fans think?


LoL Patch 7.14 NA LCS

Flickr @lolesports

Ever since the new NA LCS franchising model was announced back in June, there hasn’t been much more said and done in that regard.

Recently, Team Liquid co-CEO, Steve Arhancet, spoke openly about the model, with nothing but praise for it.

“There was always apprehension that you could be relegated in three months after spending X number of dollars.” – Steve exclaimed.

In terms of how Riot has prepared their outline to select organizations to participate, Steve noted that it was designed with the thoughts and considerations of the owners.

He further stated that the terms were quite inclusive, pointing to the fact that Riot listened to the teams’ thoughts, opinions and suggestion.

Furthermore, he described Team Liquid’s longstanding history in the LCS and generally in the competitive scene, pioneering many practices that are now a gold standard for all top teams.

It’s no secret that Team Liquid is looking into franchising deals. A recent article on Mashable indirectly linked them to Disney’s Esports investments.

Read the entire Team Liquid co-CEO Steve Arhancet interview here.

That was it for a weekly recap. Make sure to check out the newest LoL patch 7.14 – The Shadow Reaper is absolutely mental!

As always, leave your comments down below and follow us on Twitter @Esportsranks