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Weekly Recap: 7.06E and Changes To Dota Majors and More - Esportsranks
Weekly Recap: 7.06E and Changes To Dota Majors and More

Changes to the Dota Majors system, a new 7.06E patch and news of Team Faceless disbanding highlight our Dota 2 news round-up for the first week of July.

Valve Tinkers With Dota Majors System

Dota Majors have been a staple of the competitive scene since Valve introduced it post-TI5. However, perhaps sensing the flaws of their current system after five Major tournaments, excluding TI6, Valve has decided to change things up a bit ahead of the 2017-2018 season.

Valve made the announcement earlier this week. The changes include the introduction of Major ($500k prize pool) and Minor ($100k prize pool) tournaments, as well as Qualifying Points.

For more information, you can check out Valve’s official statement here.

You can also read our feature on what the changes might mean to the competitive landscape as a whole here.

7.06E – A Minor Patch With Huge Effects

TI7 Qualifiers Meta

Credits to Dotabuff

Nearly a week after the end of the TI7 Qualifiers, IceFrog decided to hit the most successful and most picked heroes of the qualifiers with nerfs. The likes of Sand King, Clockwerk, Puck, Queen of Pain, and even Lina, were all rebalanced in the most recent patch.

Meanwhile, long-forgotten heroes, Alchemist and Naga Siren received minor adjustments to make them a bit more viable in the current meta.

For more information, you can read the official patch notes here and our thoughts on the latest patch here.

No More Team Faceless

Team Faceless Disbands

Image via Team Faceless / Facebook

The unofficial Gatekeepers of SEA, Team Faceless disbands after failing to qualify for TI7.

The team has yet to post a confirmation that the members of the team have gone their separate ways. However, the team’s manager confirmed the decision live on stream.

TI7 Prize Pool On Track To Make History (Again)

Dota Majors

After earlier concerns that the TI prize pool will be lower this year, it now looks like it’s set to surge past last year’s.

With more than a month remaining for the prize pool to grow, the TI7 prize pool is only going to get bigger. Keep in mind, the release of Treasure III will surely lead to yet another huge spike in growth.

As of this time of writing, the total prize pool sits at $20,605,322.

That puts it just a $100,000 or so short of breaking last year’s record-breaking prize pool of $20,770,460.

TI7 All-Star Match, Player Cards and Fantasy Roster

Dota Majors

Get ready to have carpal tunnel syndrome, as the Player Cards and Fantasy Roster are now available.

Along with the Player Cards announcement also comes details on the changes regarding the TI All-Star Match.

In the past two years, the TI All-Star Match has been purely shenanigans and was a way for Valve to announce their newest heroes. In TI5, it was the new 10v10 feature and the hero Techies. Then, in TI6, it was also during the 10v10 all-star match that Valve unveiled Underlord. 

For TI7, Valve has decided to add a $100,000 prize for the winners and changed the format to a classic 5v5 Captain’s Mode. Battle Pass owners will now also be responsible for voting who will be a part of the TI7 All-Star Match.

For more information, you can read the official announcement here.

LGD Gaming Wins MDL 2017

Dota Majors

After a hard-fought series that went the distance, LGD finally took down their sister squad, LGD Forever Young, to claim the MDL 2017 title.

The two LGD squads haven’t exactly played much in recent months. LGD Gaming most recently appeared at Summit 7, where they finished in 3rd place. Meanwhile, LGD.Forever Young finished 3rd-4th at EPICENTER 2017.

After defeating the likes of Newbee, Evil Geniuses, OG, and other TI-bound squads, both LGD teams will now head to TI7 with a lot more confidence in themselves.

South America Hosts Its First Big Tournament

The Final Match 2017 – Perú 08.09 Julio

El momento ha llegado para muchos. Perú vivirá por primera vez un evento que toda Sudamérica esperaba por mucho tiempo. ¿Estás listo para formar parte de The Final Match 2017? 😏🏆Entradas desde el 16 de Febrero en Teleticket de Wong y Metro. 🎫#JoinTFM #StayConnected #VastionGroup

Posted by The Final Match on Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Final Match is the biggest tournament of its level in South America and features teams such as Alliance, Team Spirit, Infamous, and so on.

As of the moment, the tournament is still on-going, with the lower bracket teams facing off to see who will earn the right to face the still undefeated Alliance at the Grand Finals later on.

For more information, here are our recaps: Day 1 | Day 2

Follow Beyond The Summit for live English coverage of the tournament.

EternalEnvy AMA, Blog and Valve’s Response

Dota Majors

EternalEnvy decided to do a Reddit AMA, as well as pen a blog this week.

In his blog, Team NP’s creator wrote about both the good things and bad things about Valve’s management of TI and other majors over the years.

While EternalEnvy talked about many things, what seemed to have ruffled the most feathers was him calling out Valve on their decision to reduce the number of people they would sponsor to fly out with each team to Seattle.

This, apparently, did not go unnoticed as one Valve employee decided to respond.

The employee, called DanielJ, replied to the Reddit thread, saying, “Earlier today, we let the teams know that we will be providing transportation/accommodation for a 7th team member”. 

You can find the blog here.

Blitz Makes Tut On How To Farm

William ‘Blitz’ Lee, an ex-pro and current coach of Planet Odd, decided to break down the basics of farming and how to farm the right way.

The video, shown above, shows the nuances of farming, among many other things.

I suggest you give it a watch to learn more about Dota in general.

Evil Geniuses CEO PPD Starts Podcast

TI5 champ and current Evil Geniuses CEO Peter ‘ppd’ Dager recently started to record his own podcast.

In his first episode, he talks to Digital Chaos’ Kanishka Sam ‘BuLba’ Sosale about the TI7 qualifiers.

The podcast is worth listening to and watching as it provides a lot of insight for what happens to the teams behind the scenes.

Other Noteworthy Dota News

There you have it for our weekly recap of all the important things that happened in the Dota scene throughout the first week of July.

Be sure to follow us here at Esportsranks for your daily dose of Esports news, tournament previews, recaps, as well as other Esports related content.