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Weekly Dota Recap: 7.07c, Midas Mode, Summit 8 Surprise Invite - Esportsranks
Weekly Dota Recap: 7.07c, Midas Mode, Summit 8 Surprise Invite

The past week saw the qualifiers for the Summit 8, the MDL Minor and the ROG DreamLeague Season 8 come to an end, as well as the release of Patch 7.07c and the official start of the Perfect World Masters Minor, among others.

With so many things to catch up on, knowing where and how to start may feel a bit too overwhelming. But worry not, because we’ve got you covered in our weekly recap.

Below you’ll find everything and anything big that happened in the Dota 2 scene this past week.

7.07c Hits Tiny and Anti-Mage Hard

Summit 8

Image via Valve

7.07b gave Tiny new life, helping him become a viable pick for both the offlane and the safelane at the game’s highest level. However, he became too strong for comfort, which made him, along with the equally “overpowered” Anti-Mage, easy targets for some much-needed nerfs with 7.07c.

While both heroes are still viable despite the nerfs, their now-weaker early game balance out their scary late game potential.

Other heroes that received nerfs include popular professional Dota 2 picks: Beastmaster, Brewmaster and Winter Wyvern. Oft-ignored heroes, Windranger and Naga Siren, among others, also received notable buffs.

Click here for the patch notes.

Midas Mode Joins the Spirit of the Coming Holidays

Perhaps the most unique Dota 2 tournament of the year, Midas Mode, has decided to do the unthinkable once again by having all participating teams donate their prize winnings to their chosen charities.

Below is a list of the teams and their chosen charities:

  • Evil Geniuses (UCSF Oakland Children’s Hospital)
  • Immortals (Children’s Hospital Los Angeles)
  • MidorFeed (ADHD Solutions)
  • Natus Vincere (UNICEF)
  • OG (Make-A-Wish International)
  • OpTic Gaming (Children’s Medical Center Dallas)
  • Team Liquid (57357 Children’s Cancer Hospital)

Midas Mode kicked off on November 18 and will run until November 28. The tournament starts as soon as the Perfect World Masters Minor ends.

Midas Mode a unique Dota 2 tournament played in a game mode where everything has a price and teams can earn “currency” by completing various goals. It is run by MoonduckTV and authored by Dota 2’s resident goofy guy, Jake ‘SirActionSlacks‘ Kanner, and has a total prize pool of $60,000.

VP, LGD and CoL Complete the Summit 8 Lineup

After a controversial misunderstanding led to the back-to-back champions, Virtus Pro, not receiving a direct invite to the Summit 8 Minor, the CIS bears ended up earning a berth anyway via the CIS regional qualifiers.

LGD Gaming and CompLexity Gaming also each earned their way via their respective regional qualifiers to the Summit 8 minor.

Virtus Pro, LGD Gaming and CompLexity Gaming will now join OG, OpTic Gaming, Sacred, Team Kinguin and Fnatic, as well as another surprise invite, at the Summit 8 Minor in Los Angeles in December 13-17.

Evil Geniuses Receive Surprise The Summit 8 Invite

In a surprising turn of events, Beyond the Summit has decided to extend a surprise direct invite to Evil Geniuses. And, as expected, this ruffled quite a few feathers, none more so than that of Virtus Pro and their manager, Roman Dvoryankin.

Both parties have since clarified yet another misunderstanding as per this week. However, it’s clear that there’s bad blood brewing, which should only make things a bit more exciting, especially since Qualifying Points for The International 8 are at stake.

Expect Virtus Pro to show at the Summit 8 Minor exactly why they’re the back-to-back champions.

OG and Vici Gaming Are Headed to Washington DC

Speaking of the Summit 8, as soon as the last Pro Circuit tournament of the year ends, another one begins just barely a few days into the new year with MoonduckTV’s Captains Draft 4 Minor.

OG and Vici Gaming will complete the list of teams that will be playing in the unique Dota 2 Minor in January. The former earned their way via a decisive 7-0 route at the European Qualifiers. Meanwhile, Vici Gaming took out the presumptive best Dota 2 team in China, Newbee, to secure their slot at the first Minor of 2018.

Both teams will join direct invites, Team Secret and Evil Geniuses, as well as qualifier teams, CompLexity Gaming, Midas Club Elite, Team Empire, and Mineski, at the LAN Finals in Washington, DC on January 4-7.

VGJ.Storm Round Out the MDL Minor Qualifier Teams

The qualifiers for the MDL Minor also came to an end this past week, with VGJ.Storm completing the lineup of teams who play in the MDL Minor later in December.

VGJ.Storm’s lone Pro Circuit LAN berth this season came at the expense of the newly-revamped Digital Chaos squad.

ROG DreamLeague Season 8 Is Set and Ready to Go

Summit 8

Image via DreamHack

Two weeks before the official start of the ROG DreamLeague Season 8 Major, we finally have a complete list of participating teams.

The reigning TI champions will get a shot to go for a three-peat at DreamHack Winter 2017 in December 1-3 after securing their spot earlier this week. They will join the other qualifier teams at the second Major of the season: Natus Vincere, Virtus Pro, Team Secret, Fnatic, NewbeeEvil Geniuses and Infamous

Chappie Goes to SEA, Joins Clutch Gamers

It didn’t take long for the Russian carry, Vladimir ‘Chappie‘ Kuzmenko, to find a new home after Team Empire put him up for transfer. However, nobody would’ve expected that he’d make the overseas and move to Malaysia to join Clutch Gamers. 

Chappie will come in to fill the spot left by Jun ‘Bok‘ Kanehara, who recently left the team amidst their struggle to qualify this season. His addition means that Jio ‘Jeyo‘ Madayag will move to another position once again. This time he’ll go from midlane to safelane carry after already earlier moving from support to core.

Chappie is not the first CIS player to move to SEA this season. Andrey ‘Mag‘ Chipenko and Khaled ‘sQreen‘ El-Khabbash both tried their luck with cross country moves to start the season. However, both met limited success with their squads and have gone back to their respective countries since.

It remains to be seen if Chappie’s decision will yield positive results or not.

Other Noteworthy News:

  • The Perfect World Masters Minor are currently underway. The group stages recently ended, with LGD Gaming and SG e-sports failing to advance to the playoffs. Click here for a compilation of our daily recaps of the tournament.
  • Valve has decided to extend the deadline for the Frostvirus 2017 Call to Armd and Custom Games Contest from November 20th to November 24th. You can find the official announcement here.
  • Speaking of Valve, they recently postponed the implementation of the beginning of the seasonal ranked system until November 22. Although that too feels like a tentative date. You can click here for more information.
  • Team Spirit have decided to remove Bogdon ‘Iceberg‘ Vasilenko from their roster, citing low team morale and their weak start to the season as the main reason. Ilya ‘Illidian‘ Pivcaev is currently standing in for Team Spirit until they can find a suitable replacement. Click here for the official announcement.

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