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VP and Fnatic Top Their Groups, Will Join Kinguin in the Dota Summit 8 Playoffs - Esportsranks
VP and Fnatic Top Their Groups, Will Join Kinguin in the Dota Summit 8 Playoffs

The third day of the last Pro Circuit LAN of the year saw its fair share of surprises, as Fnatic went on to sweep LGD Gaming to top Group C, advancing to the Dota Summit 8 Playoffs at OpTic Gaming’s expense. Meanwhile, Virtus Pro gave the recently-minted MDL Macau Minor champs a good drubbing; the CIS duo of Vladimir ‘No[o]ne‘ Minenko and Roman ‘RAMZES666′ Kushnarev went a combined 86 kills in 3 games, outpacing all of OG in kill count all by themselves.

Virtus Pro Prove That They Are OG’s Kryptonite

Heading into the Dota Summit 8 LAN FinalsVirtus Pro boasted a 71% win-rate against OG. However, once Day 3 had ended, their win rate against the four-time Major winners had ballooned to 80% as the CIS giants proceeded to take all three of their B01s against OG. As a result, they ended the group stages on top of Group A with a dominant 6-0 record, which secured their spot in the Dota Summit 8 Playoffs.

OG started the day strong with a 3-0 sweep of Sacred, which is why nobody expected how the day would end for them. But, then again, that’s been the case so far the entire tournament. Though it’s been proven that Virtus Pro are simply just a bad match up for OG, you would’ve thought that they’d at least make it a close series. But, save for Game 3, which ironically enough was a non-factor already, none of the games were particularly close.

Currently undefeated, Virtus Pro are now just a few steps away from going for a three-peat.

Fnatic Keep on Surprising

If Virtus Pro’s dominant 3-0 performance against OG came off as a shock, Fnatic’s sweep against LGD Gaming was an even bigger surprise. Although the Chinese titans have not been performing well lately, nobody thought they’d walk away from the tournament without even a single win; they were too good and too talented of a lineup to lose in such embarrassing fashion. Not to mention that Fnatic aren’t exactly the most consistent of teams.

But, a sweep was exactly what was in store for the 4th-place finishers at The International 7 in Day 3 of the Dota Summit 8 LAN Finals.

Fnatic are on an absolute roll right now. At 5-1, they will now advance to the top 4 in a Pro Circuit LAN for the first time this season in 4 tries, and are in a good position to make an even deeper run. While every member of Fnatic are contributing well, it’s their polarizing captain, Jacky ‘EternalEnVy‘ Mao, who is leading their unexpected run; he’s currently second in the tournament in KDA at 9.58, just right behind Virtus Pro’s hard carry Ramzes666 at 10.25.

Who Will Make It To The Dota Summit 8 Playoffs?

Now that Virtus Pro, Fnatic and Team Kinguin have all secured their spots in the Dota Summit 8 Playoffs, it’s time for the Wild Cards to start.

The Winter WonderLAN will resume tomorrow at 11:30 AM (PST) with the group runner-ups, OG, Evil Geniuses, and OpTic Gaming, as well as the highest scoring third-place team, CompLexity Gaming, battling it out in the single-elimination Wild Cards to determine who will take up the final playoff spot.

Which of the four Wild Card teams do you think will advance to the Dota Summit 8 Playoffs? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. 

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