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Vito kNgV Giuseppe in a Scandal Once Again - Esportsranks
Vito kNgV Giuseppe in a Scandal Once Again

It seems like there’s just no stopping Vito ‘kNgV’ Giuseppe. He claims he has ‘an explosive temper’ that he just can’t handle. It seems to us that the best way to control an ‘explosive temper’, is to go up against someone with an ‘even more explosive temper’. However, until that someone comes along, kNgV is going to be picking on his comparatively mild-mannered peers from the CS:GO universe.

At the very least, while SK Gaming have to battle to stay in their top spot in the CS:GO universe, kNgV can always be sure of his spot in the news. We all know the story of kNgV’s ‘recent past’, where he more or less single-handedly shredded the till-then extremely-successful Immortals team into little pieces, so that today they face the dismal prospect of being ‘outsiders’ at premier events all over the world, with a long climb ahead of them to rank once again among the world’s top teams. If they ever do, that is.

However, kNgV is at it again

You’d think that being booted from Immortals for wielding a knife in anger would teach him that chances can, and do, run out. Now that 100 Thieves have given him a second chance, you’d think he’d be as civilized as it is possible for him to be. Actually, the lad is doing his best. It’s just that self-admitted ‘explosive temper’ of his, getting the better of him again.

What’s kNgV done this time?

SK Gaming’s captain, FalleN, first tweeted about how they always have problems staying in hotels at the ELEAGUE. He commented that someone in the room next to them was playing very loud music and smoking weed. FalleN went on to say that the music next door was so loud that his room was vibrating.

Upon this Duncan ‘Thorin’ Shields, who is a well known CS:GO analyst, humorously said that the ELEAGUE must have given them 100 Thieves’ rooms by mistake. Now, admittedly, this wasn’t a very nice thing to say. Nevertheless, it was just a joke. That joke was enough to set kNgV off, however. First he accused Thorin of being drunk and talking nonsense, and then he made a homophobic comment suggesting that Thorin was gay and had just made love to his boyfriend. Thorin then provokingly asked kNgV whether he had anything against gays, when kNgV, who had a dim idea that he’d put his foot in his mouth – again – backpedaled and tried to explain away his statement.

The fact is that kNgV is no ‘Captain America’

What we mean is that he isn’t good at defending people. Thorin could really have left the past in the past instead of attacking the whole 100 Thieves team. However, kNgV is hardly the best person to appoint himself ‘public defender’. ‘Defending the team’ – that’s just not one of his skills. Making trouble for the team he’s on, now he’s got a definite talent there.

Vito kNgV Giuseppe of 100 Thieves

Image Credit: 100 Thieves

It’s all a bit ridiculous

If a person is really tough, and would like to lose an ‘explosive temper’, there are lots of boxing and kickboxing clubs where ‘explosive tempers’ can be lost in ways that ensure they never come back. What we’re trying to say is that while Thorin was certainly in the wrong to make an unprovoked attack on 100 Thieves, perhaps kNgV could drop his ‘tough guy’ act, and be a part of a civilized community. There are plenty of alternative sports for tough guys – MMA, BJJ, kickboxing, you name it. This is CS:GO, and the tough talk impresses no one, and just makes trouble for one’s team. It’s time kNgV dropped it. Permanently.

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