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Virtus.pro – Will they Adapt or Die? - Esportsranks
Virtus.pro – Will they Adapt or Die?

Virtus.pro have been in a bitter uphill struggle against rapidly-adapting opposing rosters for awhile now, and the losses have been piling up.

Wiktor ‘TaZ’ Wojtas of the team, in a recent video, talked about how the team is adapting to their undoubted issues.

Virtus.pro is quite famous for keeping their roster together. While this is something that is respected by fans and the gaming community in general, it’s not enough.

Unity, camaraderie – these are all very well. But the CS:GO universe is very competitive, and everything must translate into results.

TaZ says Virtus.pro is doing fine…

TaZ believes that a lot of the criticism of the team is exaggerated. After all, they still remain a combination of some of Poland’s top players. TaZ believes that small changes and adjustments in the team will allow the team to better their performances drastically.

Wiktor TaZ Wojtas

Image Credit: SteelSeries, Flickr

However, with massively skilled rosters now being put together almost every month in the CS:GO universe, that may no longer be enough.

After all, if a team goes into combat against a team that’s very much more skilled, ultimately, no matter their tactics or teamwork, they are going to go down in the dust.

So what could Virtus.pro improve?

We’re NOT going to suggest changing the roster here.

Everyone has already suggested that, from CS:GO analysts to fans. But Virtus.pro have a different philosophy from the norm. I’ll put it in the exact words of Pasha…

“We have been doing the same thing for 10 years, we are a big family.

It is not only about results and money.

life is short, and it is very good to have friends on your team.”


Image Credit: ESL

Nice words. So, without changing rosters, here’s what Virtus.pro could do to improve their game…

Improving Skill Sets

The team is already the best in their country. Sure, they could practice hard, and put the skill quotient still higher. But other teams are doing the same. It’s good to practice skills, but there’s that old saying about the ‘fastest draw in the West’.

Someday, no matter how good you are, you meet someone a bit better.

What we’re trying to say here is that there’s a limit to how much practice can push up a team’s skill quotient.

Still, putting in a LOT of practice is bound to give results.

We’ve heard legends of Chinese Esports teams that practice fifteen hours a day! And who only count game play as ‘practice’ if all the team members are physically in the same room.

That may seem to be going overboard.

But if a team wants to dominate the global rankings without changing their roster, then they’re going to have to do everything it takes.


Image Credit: DreamHack

Evolving Tactics

Tactics in a constantly-evolving CS:GO universe are something that need to be worked on all the time.

In his recent video TaZ goes on the record saying that the team doesn’t need to work on tactics. That they don’t need ‘bootcamps’.

We disagree.

Whatever tactics one team evolves, another team observes. And develops counter-tactics to.

Perhaps the reason that Virtus.pro goes under so often when faced with top-tier teams is that those teams already have counters to Virtus.pro’s tactics.

And Virtus.pro isn’t evolving new ones.

Of course, tactics don’t always help against a team with a much higher skill quotient. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be constantly evolving.

Just look at Astralis.

They’re always thinking, always evolving. Sure, they may be plowed under by teams like FaZe. But they often dominate against other teams.

Improving Team Play

This is a definite possibility for Virtus.pro – not because their team-play is necessarily lacking, but because excellent team-play is one area where many teams are weak, with each ‘alpha’ player on a team pulling in his own particular direction.

Sure, there are checks and balances, team leaders and coaches, but the simple fact is that a team with strong team-work has a definite advantage.

If Virtus.pro can get their team moving like a lethal, well-oiled machine, they might mow a path to the top five or six teams in the world.


It’s all a series of ‘ifs’, really.

Remember, the suggestions above weren’t put forward by TaZ.

Essentially, in his video – which you can see below – TaZ says, ‘Everything’s fine.’

But everything isn’t fine with Virtus.pro, what with their recent defeat by Team EnVyUs at the ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 16-6. Yes, 16-6. When a team gets steamrolled that way, they need to rethink their combined strategy and outlook.

Or change their roster.

Or both.

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