Virtus Pro Have Picked 60 Different Heroes at the DOTA Summit 7 So Far

Virtus Pro has turned the DOTA Summit 7 tournament into their personal testing grounds, having picked 60 different heroes in their 12 games throughout the LAN tournament.

So far, they have yet to pick a hero twice.

DOTA Summit 7 – So Much For Limited Hero Pools

It’s no surprise that their ridiculously effective picks have caught the attention of everyone within the Dota scene. Team Secret’s captain, Clement “Puppey” Ivanov, explained as he joined over to cast one of the games at the DOTA Summit 7 that he used to do the same thing back when he was still in Natus Vincere. He adds that it was to experiment and see which worked and what didn’t.

The team’s picks have even sparked people on Reddit to discuss why exactly they’re doing it. Some tried to offer an explanation, with arguably the most humorous being that “Russians don’t give a f*ck.”

Jokes aside, however, playing over 60 different heroes over 13 games is a lot and could very well be a record. But, more importantly, it speaks a lot about their confidence as a team.

In all likelihood, the team may just be trying to chill. Such is the actual nature of the DOTA Summit 7, after all. Besides, after having placed 2nd at The Kiev Major, Virtus Pro may already be feeling confident with their chances of receiving a direct TI7 invite. That, and the fact that they’re the arguably the only CIS team that has been performing consistently well so far.

If that’s the case, they may also be saving their actual strategy for TI7. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re doing it to prove their fans and critics wrong. After all, it was only recently that Virtus Pro was criticised for only being able to win with magnus-warlock-troll-ursa.

60 Heroes Down, 50+ More To Go

The DOTA Summit 7 Grand Finals between Team Secret and Virtus Pro has just started.

So far, it looks like Virtus Pro have picked another set of five heroes, leaving less than 50 remaining heroes they’ve yet to play this tournament.

Will they continue experimenting? Or will they finally resort to comfort picks so they can repeat as DOTA Summit champions?