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Vici Gaming and Immortals Earn Spots to Dota PIT League - Esportsranks
Vici Gaming and Immortals Earn Spots to Dota PIT League

Vici Gaming and Immortals have made it out of each of their tightly contested regional qualifiers to fill out 2 of the 3 remaining slots for the Dota PIT League Minor in November.

Immortals Secure Their 2nd Minor

All eyes were on Peter ‘ppd’ Dager and his team entering the Dota PIT League Minor qualifier. Not only because they have quickly established themselves as legitimate threats, but also because they were recently signed by one of the most popular organisations in Esports.

Now playing under the OpTic Gaming banner, ppd’s team of misfits set the tone early by taking down CompLexity Gaming and Immortals to secure themselves a Grand Finals berth.

Dota PIT League

Image via OpTic Gaming

Immortals, however, would earn a rematch after a decisive 2-0 sweep of Digital Chaos in the lower bracket finals. In that particular series, Sang-Don ‘FoREv’ Lee proved to be quite the nuisance. His Pugna mowed down towers and drained heroes to the tune of 20k in total building damage and 26 total kills.

In the Grand Finals, OpTic Gaming struck first with a quick ~26-minute win only for Immortals to take Games 2 and 3 on the backs of their core players, Kim ‘QO’ Seon-yeop and Pyo ‘MP’ No-a.

A farmed Quinn ‘CC&C’ Callahan on Clinkz then helped even the series 2-2 in Game 4.

Unfortunately, uncharacteristically unimpactful performances from Rasmus ‘MiSeRy’ Filipsen and Ludwig ‘zai’ Wåhlberg would spell the end for OpTic Gaming’s run in Game 5 as they called GG ~37 minutes into the game.

The Best Team in China (???)

By virtue of their 2nd-place finish at The International 7, Newbee are currently the best team in China with the LGD teams not too far behind.

The LGD teams, however, haven’t exactly run away with tournament slots as many hoped. You can blame the sheer depth of competition in China for this. Although, you can’t exactly just discount the emergence of Vici Gaming. 

Dota PIT League

Image via Vici Gaming

Following the proven formula of mixing experienced players with up-and-coming talent, Vici Gaming has qualified for the most LAN tournaments among Chinese teams this season. None of which have come more decisively than their 3-0 sweep over LGD Gaming to qualify for the Dota PIT League Minor in Croatia.

Boasting arguably two of the most skilled core players in the world in Zhang ‘Paparazi灬’ Chengjun and Zeng ‘Ori’ Jiaoyang, Vici Gaming have so far delivered on what many initially expected of their latest lineup.

Soon enough, we’ll find out if Vici Gaming are just as good in LANs as they are in qualifier tournaments.

The Dota Pit League Minor Season 6

In accordance with Valve’s rules, the Dota PIT Minor League tournament will feature eight teams fighting for a $300,000 prize pool. Also up for grabs are 300 Qualification Points for The International 2018.

Newbee and Team Liquid both have already accepted their direct invites to the main event. The qualifier tournaments are also nearly over, as 5 of the 6 qualifier slots have already been filled; Mineski for Southeast AsiaOG for EuropeVirtus.Pro for CISImmortals for North America and Vici Gaming for China.

4 teams from South America are currently playing for the last remaining slot.

Who’s your favourite to win the Dota PIT League Minor tournament? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. 

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