VG and LGD Win Perfect World Masters CN Qualifier

The first to allocate two qualifier slots for one region, the Perfect World Masters CN Qualifier ends with LGD Gaming and Vici Gaming each securing a spot in the Shanghai Minor on November.

Perfect World Masters CN Qualifier Recap

Perfect World Masters CN Qualifier

Every team in China knows that qualifying for a LAN tournament this season won’t come easy. They’ll have to fight tooth and nail, lest they risk losing to a hungrier and more determined squad.

LGD Gaming and LFY know this all too well after making it to the Grand Finals only to lose to a handful of teams that haven’t even been to a LAN together.

Perfect World Masters CN Qualifier

Image via ESL

History looked to repeat itself in the Winners’ Final of the Perfect World Masters CN Qualifier, where LGD Gaming faced off against TI6 champion Chu ‘shadow’ Zeyu and his team, Eclipse. 

In Game 1, both teams went back-and-forth for nearly an hour and a half before LGD Gaming finally found an opening at the ~80-minute mark with a team wipe of Eclipse, which they then promptly converted to a GG push.

Game 2 was nowhere near as close a back-to-back 4 man wipes near the ~20 minute mark gave LGD Gaming the lead and eventually led to a relatively quick 35-minute game.

Perfect World Masters CN Qualifier

Image via Valve

Eclipse would get a second chance at against Vici Gaming, who had clawed their way out of the first round of the lower brackets. And, once again, Eclipse would find themselves denied by the better team.

Vici Gaming, now led by Dota 2 veteran Zhang ‘LaNm’ Zhicheng, showcased their versatility by rolling out a completely different draft in both games yet stomping Eclipse all the same.

With their win in the Perfect World Masters CN Qualifier, Vici Gaming have secured their second Minor tournament berth, while for LGD Gaming, surprisingly enough, it’ll be their first qualifier win of the season.

The Most Stacked Competitive Region

You know a region is stacked when recent TI7 Top 4 finishers, LGD Gaming and LGD.Forever Young, don’t even look like the best team playing in the qualifier tournaments.

That honor arguably belongs to Vici Gaming, who, after the recent shuffle, look like the most talented team in China today.

Still, even with a talent-laden roster like theirs, qualifying for a tournament in China has not been easy; the LGD squads remain the biggest threat, but the rest of the competition are just as capable of taking games and series off of anyone.

With that said, look for qualifier tournaments in China to produce some of the best and most exciting games all throughout the season.

Just how good do you think Vici Gaming’s current roster is? Do you think they’ll be able to perform just as well in a LAN setting? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. 

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