Valve Releases The Frosthaven Update for Dota 2

With the holiday season finally upon us, Valve has finally released the Frosthaven Update. As is customary, the christmas update comes bearing gifts to all Dota 2 players, and by that, we mean, there’s a new game mode to play once again.

Announced earlier today by Valve, the Frosthaven Update introduces an all-new game mode to Dota 2. Different from the usual 5v5 mode, the new special game mode will have five players banding together to try and defend the original Frostvirus tree led by the Grand Magus, Rubick. Why? Because, apparently, the ever-mischievous son of Aghanim has gone power drunk after the release of his Arcana.

Months after winning the 2018 Arcana vote, the Arcana-class tem for Rubick is finally here. Otherwise known as the Magus Cypher, the all-new item will feature custom animations for Rubick. This includes, among many others, more animations than any other hero currently in Dota 2, as well as 115 custom stolen spell effects.

Interested players can snatch the Magus Cypher off of the official Dota 2 store for $34.99.

The Frosthaven Update Is Here, But Where’s Mars?

The Frosthaven Update

The second of the two new Dota 2 heroes announced at The International 2018, the chances of Valve releasing Mars soon are pretty slim. (Valve)

Valve time strikes again.

Initially announcing that the new hero Mars is set to release in winter of this year back in August at TI8, it seems like the new Dota 2 hero is not going to come anytime soon.

The Frosthaven Update brings an all-new game mode to the game. Not only that, an Arcana for the fan-favourite hero, Rubick was also added at the same time. That means that Valve will likely not want to take away some of the light off of their recent update, especially to that of Rubick for a while. Or, at least, not until January 3rd, when the game mode expires.

Of course, we can’t also put it above Valve to release the hero sooner rather than later. After all, technically, winter still hasn’t ended. Albeit, if we are going to talk about technicalities, it’s also worth mentioning that Valve didn’t exactly specify that they would release Mars in winter of 2018.

Either way, the Frosthaven Update should have enough content to tide most Dota 2 fans over for the meantime.

Happy holidays, everyone!

What do you think of the Frosthaven Update? Do you think that the design of the Magus Cypher is worthy of an Arcana? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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