Valve Releases True Sight TI8 Teaser Just In Time for Christmas

Officially commissioned and published by Valve, the much-anticipated True Sight TI8 teaser has finally dropped, and it appears that it will have a theater audience for its world premiere — a first in the series.

Just two days before Christmas, Valve decided to give Dota 2 fans from all over the world one of the best gifts they could hope for with the release of the True Sight TI8 teaser. The latest iteration of the fan-favourite will focus on the $11 million Grand Finals of The International 2018.

The series is officially commissioned by Valve themselves. As in the past True Sight documentaries, the latest official teaser offers viewers a short glimpse through the respective journeys of the last two teams standing at The International 2018. Throughout the 40-second long clip, viewers will see various moments throughout the nerve-wracking series that lasted all five games.

Perhaps, what stands out the most from the release of the True Sight TI8 teaser, however, is the fact that the documentary will have a live threatre audience during its global premiere.

On January 15, 2018, those interested can join OG at the Nordisk Film Cinema Palads in Copenhagen, Denmark, for the live premiere.

You can click here for Valve’s official blog post for more details on how you can tune in at home or live.

What Is The True Sight Documentary Series?

True Sight is a documentary series that follows a team’s journey in Valve events. The first iteration followed Evil Geniuses and Fnatic’s journey following The International 2016. This culminated at the Boston Majors. Although, in Fnatic’s case, their journey ended at the Closed Qualifiers for the said event. Meanwhile, for the second True Sight documentary, Valve opted to shift the focus on the Grand Finals of an event. This time, it was the five-game series between OG and Virtus.Pro at the Kiev Major. Then, for the third True Sight documentary, Valve featured the Grand Finals between Team Liquid and Newbee.

The True Sight documentary series has received plenty of positive feedback from the community. Many have applauded Valve for showing audiences both the highs and lows of winning an official Valve event. The candid picture of the players, as well as the shift in team dynamics throughout the progression of the series, has allowed fans of the game to relate more to their favourite players and teams.

However, the series has not received its fair share of criticism. In particular, Valve’s decision to create “heels” out of certain parties has not sat too well with everybody. For the first True Sight, it was the portrayal of SEA legend, Chai ‘Mushi‘ Yee Fung. The decision to portray Virtus.Pro as “villains” in the second True Sight was also the subject of criticism.

Still, despite that, fans have welcomed each True Sight release with open arms.

Judging by the reception of the True Sight TI8 teaser so far, the latest documentary has the makings of the most memorable True Sight yet.

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