Valve Introduces Dota Pro Circuit App for 2018-19 Season

Much to everyone’s surprise, Valve just released the Dota Pro Circuit app, a brand-new feature for Dota Plus subscribers that makes it easier for them to follow every Dota Pro Circuit even, starting this 2018-19 season.

The Dota Pro Circuit app will “follow all of this season’s DPC action in real time” in addition to allowing them to predict winners of DPC matches for Shards — an in-game currency that Dota 2 players can use to buy items from the Plus Store — and earn more Shards by competing in the Fantasy Challenge.

Prior to the release of the Dota Pro Circuit app, Valve had made no promises, nor released any details that they were working on such a feature. However, now that it is here, it is very much welcome.

With the Dota Pro Circuit app announced and available, fans finally have a central hub that they can use to find and consume content that’s most meaningful for them.

Click here to check out the full list of features of the newest Dota 2 companion app.

What Can You Do on the Dota Pro Circuit App?

There are five prominent features to the Dota Pro Circuit companion app. Namely, these are: the Custom News Feed, Predictions, Fantasy, Tournaments, and Match Details.

The “Custom News Feed” allows you to feature specific players and teams in your News Feed. This allows you to get updates on their current, past, and future matches, as well as any changes to their rosters. Meanwhile, the “Predictions” feature allows you to wager Shards and pick the winners of any DPC match. You can also use the “Fantasy” feature to earn even more Shards and bragging rights by building your very own roster of all-stars in the Fantasy Challenge, with a “nice pile of Shards” awaiting those whose roster has the most points.

The “Tournaments” and “Match Details” feature are all both designed to make it easier to recap and follow future, as well as live matches. You can check info, brackets, schedule, as well as follow matches as they happen with the live minimap, networth graph, match info, team lineup, and pick and bans.

The Dota Pro Circuit app is available for both Android via the Google Play Store and iOS users via the iOS App Store. However, because it is new, it is possible that it might not “support” your phone’s model just yet. If that’s the case, you can try manually installing the app to see if it works.

The Dota Pro Circuit is already live and free to use, starting with DreamLeague Season 11.

What do you think of the Dota Pro Circuit App? Do you think that it’s something that Valve can keep updated throughout the season? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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