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Valve Makes Chongqing Major Ban on Kuku Official - Esportsranks
Valve Makes Chongqing Major Ban on Kuku Official

After remaining silent for weeks, Valve has finally stepped in and made the Chongqing Major ban on Carlos ‘Kuku‘ Palad official.

In their latest blog post, Valve addressed the recent issue regarding the Chongqing Major ban. In particular, with TNC Predator’s offlane player, Kuku. In their post, Valve clarified that the Chinese government had not banned Kuku, adding that they do not “believe his presence creates a real security threat.”

At the same time, Valve clarified their stance regarding these types of issues, saying that the “responsibility resides with teams to handle these types of issues professionally”. However, they did add that they will step in, but only when a team fails to do so. Furthermore, Valve pointed out TNC Predator’s recent actions. This pertains to the team lying about what Kuku had done as they tried to create a cover to help “lessen” the impact of their player’s mistake.

According to Valve, because TNC has mishandled the situation on multiple occasions“, the situation is now much worse than necessary.

As a result of TNC Predator’s poor decision making, Valve has decided to not only make the Chongqing Major ban on Kuku official, but they have also decided to penalize the Philippine-based organization by taking away 20% of their current DPC points.

Click here for a timeline of events that led to the Chongqing Major ban.

Valve Makes Their Position Clear

Valve has, so far, had a hands-off approach in the scene. Unlike other companies handling esports titles, Valve is content on stepping in only when necessary. Most of the time, Valve encourages organizations and teams to police each other. Although this has helped the community around Dota 2 grow organically, it is not, by no means, a fool-proof strategy. In fact, this latest issue is just one of the many examples on why Valve will need to take on a more proactive approach instead of a reactive one down the line.

Coincidentally enough, Valve’s latest announcement echoes Peter ‘ppd‘ Dager’s latest sentiment.

Having acted as an ambassador of sorts for Dota 2 in recent times, ppd called out TNC Predator’s handling of the situation. The former TI5 champion and current captain of Ninjas in Pyjamas referred to it as a disaster in one of his more recent posts on Twitter.

It’s worth noting that this is something that ppd had dealt with in recent times. His teammate, Neta ‘33‘ Shapira, was unable to play at the Kuala Lumpur Major. This was because Malaysia’s government does not recognize Israel as a country. This led to him failing to secure a visa for the event. However, ppd was able to successfully lobby for Valve to allow his team to play with a stand-in without any penalty.

Either way, with their latest statement, Valve has made their position very clear.

What kind of effect this will have on the Dota 2 community remains to be seen.

Final Thoughts

Even if Valve decides to continue with their approach, the least they can do is to establish a commission of sorts. Or, if not, just assign someone or a team of individuals who will help enforce the rules Valve has set in place. And, speaking of rules, Valve needs to have a clear set of rules and guidelines so that things like this do not escalate and cause a divide within the community.

While Kuku has no one to blame but himself for receiving a ban, this situation does call for a need to have more structure in the scene.

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