V4 Future Sports Festival – Hungary gets its first Major…

The V4 Future Sports Festival is the first international event to be held in Hungary. Eight teams will take part in this event, of which four have a direct invitation. It’s been rather an uphill battle for the other four teams that qualified for this event, with them having to fight some rather bitter battles just to be here. The teams with an invitation are FaZe Clan, mousesports, Virtus.pro and HellRaisers. Teams that qualified through the Czech and Slovak Qualifiers are eXtatus and Dark Tigers, while teams that qualified through the Polish and Hungarian Qualifiers are x-kom Team and GameAgents.

This three day event will see the distribution of a prize pool of half a million euro, of which the dominating team will take away two hundred thousand. If everything goes smoothly, there is little doubt that we will see FaZe Clan and mousesports in the Finals, since they are each the dominating team in their Group.

Put a stake on FaZe Clan and mousesports to reach the playoffs

FaZe Clan and mousesports are the dominating teams at this event, and they are in different groups. While the odds on them in individual matches are bound to be dismal, betting on them qualifying for the playoffs or reaching the Finals is a good way to get better odds on what is pretty much a sure thing.

What’s more, HellRaisers are in the same group as FaZe Clan, and are the second best team there. They are much better than the remaining teams in that group. Since there are four slots for the playoffs, this means that four teams will qualify. HellRaisers will certainly give much better odds than FaZe Clan or mousesports. Virtus.pro are here as well, and while they do consistently badly, teams that go against them get good odds, for some inexplicable reason.

Yes, this is the most predictable event of this year and we suggest bettors take advantage of this. We have a more detailed analysis of each team below, and what chances they have to win the very first V4 Future Sports Festival.

Group A at the V4 Future Sports Festival

FaZe Clan, HellRaisers, GameAgents and Dark Tigers are part of Group A. Of course, this is an offline event and all the matches in each Group will be a best of two series. Let’s take a look at each teams’ performance in offline events.

FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan still reign supreme in the CS:GO universe – for now. They might not have won recent majors, but their overall performances are quite consistent. In most events, they do not lose an encounter until they reach the Finals. Of course, they’ve raised losing Finals into a fine art, but this does not change the fact they have the best win rate in offline matches. It’s very impressive that they keep battling top teams and still manage to have the best win rate in the world. Of course, this means that the odds on them will be anything but attractive.

FaZe Clan’s performance in the last three months

FaZe Clan have played forty four matches since the start of this year, and won thirty of them. Their best maps are Mirage and Cache, but they are not playing Overpass as well as they used to. Cobblestone seems to be a permanent ban with FaZe Clan, since they have not played it even once this year. They are still favourite to win this event, followed by mousesports and Virtus.pro. Virtus.pro do have a very loyal fan following.

Intel Extreme Masters V4 Future Sports Festival

Image Credit: FaZe Clan


Believe it or not, HellRaisers are higher in the global rankings than Virtus.pro. There have been many roster changes in HellRasiers and it looks like the team finally got what they were searching for. Of course, the roster changes were not because they needed new players, but because they were loaning their players to other teams. Finally, their original roster is back and they have managed to win fifty seven percent of their LAN matches. That win rate is not bad, but their map pool is not very large and this could be their downfall in group matches. Since HellRaisers have not played too many matches with their present roster it is not clear which maps they excel in. Overall, this is a good opportunity for them to demonstrate their skills.


The only reason teams like GameAgents are featured here is because V4 Future Sports Festival qualifier matches are keyed to specific regions. This team consists of three Hungarian and two Ukrainian players. There have been constant changes to the roster almost every second week or so. This is a clear indicator that the team are currently rather unstable. What’s even worse is that GameAgents’ core players have not played a single offline match together. Of course, they have played thirty two online matches, and won eighteen of them. GameAgents stand eighty seventh in the global rankings.

Clearly, GameAgents are one of the underdogs here and they might not be able to reach the Playoffs. Also, the matches they have lost were all against tier three teams, and a team that cannot win against tier three teams has little or no hope of winning against tier one opponents. Overall, GameAgents are privileged to even get the chance to compete against the top teams here.

Dark Tigers

They are clearly the weakest team here, ranking one hundred and thirty third globally, and this will be their first ever LAN event. This is a relatively inexperienced team, with the most experienced players here being Tomkeejs and EYO, each of whom have played a mere thirty one official matches online. And those are this teams’ most experienced players.

Dark Tigers are unlikely to stack up against GameAgents, and you’re likely to get good odds there. Betting on GameAgents and against Dark Tigers could be potentially lucrative. It’s likely that Dark Tigers may not win a single match here, as this is their first major event, and they lack the experience necessary to go up against other teams here.

Group B at the V4 Future Sports Festival

Group B are relatively balanced if we exclude mousesports. The other teams in this group are Virtus.pro, eXtatus and x-kom Team, who were recently known as Venatores.


Mousesports are playing in excellent form right now. They won the StarSeries i-League, the very same event where FaZe Clan were relegated to fourth place. With an offline win rate of sixty percent, and ranking fourth globally, mousesports are the one true threat to FaZe Clan’s chances here. They need just thirty five points in the global rankings to beat SK Gaming and move into third place. This event could well provide mousesports with just that opportunity. Not only that, but winning this event will allow them to become the first team to win two majors this year. Mousesports have too much to lose to take the V4 Future Sports Festival lightly.

Image Credit: Mousesports


It is rather heartbreaking to see Virtus.pro go through a long series of losses, and we can’t decide whether its the team, their fans, or long-suffering commentators and analysts who suffer the most there. We did see Fnatic make a comeback at Katowice, and fans of this team undoubtedly hope that they will do exactly the same here. However, that seems unlikely. Virtus.pro are hardly in top form, with a win rate of just twenty three percent. That is far too low, and it is possible they will not even be able to defeat teams like eXtatus and HellRaisers, far less face FaZe Clan and mousesports. However, this team’s legions of determined and unfazed fans means that one gets excellent odds betting against them, even if they don’t deserve that privilege in the least.


We have seen eXtatus in quite a few qualifiers, and here they’ve finally made it into the main event. While they do have a seventy percent win rate in LAN matches, that’s only against teams of their own tier. They don’t do well against teams that are even slightly more skilled or experienced. The fact that they’ve lost against Space Soldiers, AGO Esports, PRIDE Gaming, BIG and even North Academy shows how vulnerable they are here.

x-Kom Team

This is the third weakest team at the V4 Future Sports Festival. However, their players are quite experienced and have played plenty official matches. But this still doesn’t change the fact that x-Kom Team is likely to go down before mousesports or even Virtus.pro. Yes, Virtus.pro might win against x-Kom Team and even against eXtatus. All this gives you a good idea of which teams are likely to win in the days ahead, and which teams are likely to generate the best odds.

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