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Uzi Wins the LPL Spring 2018 Finals – RNG Going to MSI this Year - Esportsranks
Uzi Wins the LPL Spring 2018 Finals – RNG Going to MSI this Year

An intense victory by RNG over Edward Gaming sent shockwaves around the League of Legends community. The final team to join the MSI list has finally been decided, and the victor couldn’t have been more celebrated. Uzi, one of the most popular players on the planet finally got to win a regional split, and it couldn’t have been done in a more stylish and ‘message sending’ manner. We’ll go into some detail and have a look at how RNG were able to take victory at the LPL Spring 2018 Finals.

LPL Spring 2018 Finals – Uzi’s Game Was on Point

There’s no denying that Uzi was a complete beast during this match. His team put all their trust in him like they’ve done so for as far as we can see. They were right in doing so as well, because Uzi didn’t let them down for a single moment.

His champion pool seemed nearly limitless, which meant that EDG simply couldn’t ban him out. Uzi even hovered Vayne for a bit, which showed that he would go to any lengths in order to carry his team to the enemy nexus.

He frequently took jungle camps from Mlxg and was often found in the side lanes farming up when EDG were pushing into his allies. All this was quite calculated, as it turned out repeatedly, because once Uzi was able to rush his core items he became virtually impossible to put down.

The entirety of EDG had to group up whenever they wanted to attack Uzi, and this was something that he was emotionally prepared for. He knew that he would get focused down a lot, and he kept his temperament in check at all times. Even when he won two games in a row, it didn’t seem like he was becoming complacent.

Mlxg’s Non-Stop Pressure Destroyed EDG

He played absolutely relentlessly; mistakes so seldom that they’re almost negligible. Haro was unable to deal with him in the slightest. Mlxg kept robbing all of his jungle camps from him without any retaliation. Mlxg was on Olaf while Haro was on Sejuani. This meant that Haro wasn’t even safe inside his own jungle without the help of his team.

Even when Clearlove came on the stage, Mlxg kept playing consistently and made sure that his botlane was safe at all times. Even in games when RNG were behind, Mlxg was sure to come through during the one teamfight that mattered.

Clearlove Messed Up

One of the reasons that EDG lost that Clearlove was not on his best performance during this match. He kept making Royal mistakes – mostly due to his over-aggression. He kept jumping in, even when his team had backed down. His attempts at invading were foiled by RNG, and at one instance he even got killed by RNG’s support, Ming.

Now that Uzi has been set loose upon the world for this year’s MSI, we can only guess what he’s capable of. RNG are not the only super team attending the international stage, and each team from the big regions have an intense story behind how they got there. Uzi and his team have a chance to show everyone what they’re made of – we’re expecting them to take it.

What do you think about RNG’s historic win over EDG at the LPL Spring 2018 Finals? Do you think they’ll be a dominant team during this year’s MSI? Let us know in the comments below!

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