Uproar’s “The Golden Chicken” PUBG Tournament Dominated by Team Method

We’ve already announced Uproar’s “The Golden Chicken” PUBG invitational tournament before. It provided a different, light-hearted atmosphere compared to your typical tournaments. Surely, the teams who competed took it seriously, but the whole theme was of the tournament had a humoristic character, so the viewers were in for some fun.

With a colourful setup of Esports pros, Twitch streamers and YouTube gaming celebrities, the games were far from the top competitive level you see in some other tournaments. Nevertheless, there was some high level of play on display.

Game 1 – Complete Randoms Take a Win

The expected, slow start of the first game had an unfortunate disconnect/drop of one of the featured streamers. The African Rebel dropped out of the game right at the start, so Mighty Mouse’s squad had to play with one less player for the entirety of the game.

The initial safe zone was to the northwest, around Georgopol. It started shrinking south, towards the Hospital zone. The final zone was in a completely open area.

The showdown between the full squad, who somehow survived unscathed, ended quickly for other squads who suffered heavy losses during the course of the game.

It turned out that the winners of the first game had no prior experience playing with each other. However, it was obvious they all got a bit lucky by getting placed with each other. They had 14 kills combined, which is a testament of their skill.


Credit: Twitch.tv

Game 2 – Pro Teams Take the Stage

The first safe zone moved a bit to the east this time around. The squads scattered all around the map, With Shooting Range and Severny somewhere in the middle of the safe zone, most of them started moving in, so the fights were few and far in between at this period.

As the circle was shrinking towards the south again, the final few safe zones were in a densely forested area. Nobody wanted to go in recklessly. There were still around 40 players alive at one point, despite the circle being quite small.

However, that number started dropping fast as cover was running scarce. In all that chaos, one team emerged victorious. “Titanium Babies”, a squad of mostly Team Method pros, got a total of 17 kills in the end, winning the whole thing in a dominant fashion.


Credit: Twitch.tv

Game 3 – Double Time!

The first circle finally moved to the south side of the map in the third game, all the way towards Sosnovka Island.

This time around, Mighty Mouse, The African Rebel and their wholes squad got wiped out before landing even a single kill. StoneMountain64 managed to carry his squad well into the late game though, However, he too succumbed to a much more organized and professional squads taking part.

“Titanium Babies” displayed how real pros do it once again, from well timed smoke grenades, routine teamfight engagements and superior positioning. By winning the second game, they won the whole tournament!

Surely, the 10 karat golden chicken prize was worth all the trouble!


Credit: Twitch.tv

Viewer Game

With The African Rebel at the caster desk, viewer game was actually quite entertaining to watch. He cracked funny jokes and made over-the-top offensive statements throughout the entire game.

As usual, you had your 100 players parachuting down, but since this was not your typical PUBG solo game, most of them displayed vastly different behaviour compared to public games.

The first safezone was all the way down southwest. Oddly enough, quite a few players waited for too long in the northeast parts of the map, getting caught by the blue circle and slowly dying in the process of trying to reach safety.

Nevertheless, the last dozen or so surviving players consisted of mostly higher skilled players. The one named “IronWeasel” was the last survivor in the end. Good game, well played!