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Underdogs Battle In The Low Matches Of The ELEAGUE - Esportsranks
Underdogs Battle In The Low Matches Of The ELEAGUE

The teams currently battling through the Low Matches of the Legends Stage are those who have been plowed under in round 1. Let’s start with Astralis. Their new strategy of using dev1ce as a lurker didn’t work out too well. In fact, they just scored two rounds in the whole match. This is common enough at first when roles are swapped on a team.

Natus Vincere suffered a similar lack of performance when they shifted s1mple’s role to support. At least in the case of Natus Vincere, the decision to shift s1mple to support doesn’t make sense. S1mple ranks with the top five players in the world, and pushing him into support is equivalent to tying him down hand and foot. The biggest upset was when Virtus.pro lost to Quantum Bellator Fire. Virtus.pro won just three rounds against them in Cache. Cloud9, Space Soldiers, BIG, Fnatic and North are also in the Low Matches.

Space Soldiers Vs Cloud9

Space Soldiers went up against SK Gaming and really played reasonably well. The match was very close, and SK Gaming won by just three rounds. On the other hand, Cloud9 lost by eight rounds to G2 Esports. If we go by these teams’ current stats, then Space Soldiers have a fifty three percent chance of winning against Cloud9 in the Low Matches. As far as maps go, Nuke is going to be banned, of course. In the remaining maps, Space Soldiers have better win rates in Cache, Inferno, Cobblestone and Overpass. This leaves Cloud9 with just two maps in which they could possible dominate, namely Mirage and Train. The odds are running at 2.45 on Space Soldiers, and a stake on them would not be out of place. Remember that they defeated mousesports in the New Challengers Stage.

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Virtus.pro Vs Fnatic

After a classically dismal performance by Virtus.pro in Round 1, they’re up against a Fnatic flung into the low matches by FaZe Clan. The stats do show that Virtus.pro have a fifty five percent chance of defeating Fnatic, but the team is playing in miserable form, and cannot be trusted. Putting your money on this pair is more or less equivalent to using it for tinder, as the risk is too high and odds too low.

BIG Vs Natus Vincere

Natus Vincere don’t seem to be cutting it against top-tier teams. Yes, they defeated QBF, Sprout and Team Liquid, but they seem unable to make the grade against stronger teams. But Natus Vincere just might be able to defeat BIG here in the Low Matches. BIG fought Team Liquid in Round 1, and lost miserably, scoring just five rounds. The same Team Liquid lost against Natus Vincere in the New Challengers Stage, and were unable to score more than five rounds. This clearly shows that Natus Vincere could win here, and with odds on them running at 1.35, it’s a chance at a reasonable payoff.

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Natus Vincere in the Low Matches of the ELEAGUE

Image Credit: Natus Vincere

Astralis Vs North – It’s the Low Matches for two good teams

North have faced Astralis two times. They fought a best of three at EPICENTER last year, where North lost the first two matches, the maps being Train and Mirage. These teams again encountered each other in the BLAST Pro Series. Dev1ce was not with the team, and the match was a draw. Is dev1ce with the team now? In person, yes, but in spirit? Perhaps not. His new thing of going lurker just isn’t cutting it, and if he’s still too ill for a more active role, Astralis is going to have a hard time here. Either team could win. Don’t put a stake up here, but use this match to observe Astralis’ plays, and whether they look like getting a reasonable team meta together.

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