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TSM wins 2017 NA LCS Spring Finals! - Esportsranks
TSM wins 2017 NA LCS Spring Finals!

After a long spring split of NA LCS the stage was set for two by far best American teams – Team Solo Mid and Cloud 9. The stakes were high, and besides prestige and bragging rights the winner would secure the spot at the Mid Season Invitational. The 2017 NA LCS spring finals were played in a best of 5 format and it took all five games to finally determine who is currently the best team in North America.

Road to 2017 NA LCS spring title

Games 1 and 2 – TheStoMp

TSM looked really sharp coming into the 2017 NA LCS spring finals. WildTurtle got first blood before 5 minute mark after Biofrost found Lee Sin in TSM’s jungle. C9’s Ray picked up Kennen at the top lane, but after timely gank from Svenskeren’s Ivern, Hauntzer on Camille got a kill on him from seemingly bad position. This turned out to be a crucial moment, since Hauntzer snowballed Kennen very hard. Having such a strong lane phase enabled Hauntzer to get all his core items in 25 minutes. He finished the game with dominant score of 9/0/1 for the under thirty minute victory for TSM.

Just as we started thinking things couldn’t get any worse for C9, TSM proved us wrong. This time C9 switched Ray for Impact at the top lane hoping for a better outcome. They got the first blood on Svenskeren’s Rengar in their jungle, who was invading carelessly. However, this may be the only good thing C9 had done this game. This time around Bjergsen completely outclassed Jensen and was able to 100-0 Ashe with Q+R by the 15 minute mark. The game started rolling downhill for Cloud 9 after a 10 minute fail dive attempt at the top lane. TSM played smart and pressed their advantages, closing the game at the 22 minute mark, without loosing a single tower to their opponents.

Games 3 and 4 – Cloud 9 strikes back

After two decisive wins in under 50 minutes combined, the 2017 NA LCS spring finals threatened to be one sided and not so interesting. However, C9 managed to regain their composure and deliver the first blow to TSM in game three. Their pick and ban phase looked much stronger this time, taking Syndra away from Bjergsen. The teams were evenly matched throughout 40 minutes of the game when TSM managed to get first Baron of the game. They started the push and got the mid inhibitor, but Hauntzer overcommitted after getting the objective, resulting in swing of momentum. C9 got some kills and managed to position themselves for next baron, taking it at minute 47 and pushing for the win.

In game 4 both lane duo Smoothie (Gragas) and Sneaky (Ashe) got first blood on Lucian. Bjergsen decided to play Orianna Mid against Syndra and got camped heavily by jungle Graves and Shen. Cloud 9 developed an advantage and around 25 minutes into the game the gold difference was almost 10k. At minute 30 they got clean ace at the top lane and pushed for victory. Everything was in place for an amazing reverse sweep.

Game 5 to decide 2017 NA LCS spring split champions

The momentum at this point was clearly on Cloud9’s side. As a surprise pick we point out Ray’s Kled at the top lane, who with Kha’Zix secured first blood on Camille. Despite the importance of the game neither of teams held back. We saw lots of skirmishes and at 20 minutes there were already 18 kills – 9 each! In the mid game teams slowed the pace down a bit and we saw a baron dance take place from minute 33-40. There were lots of back and forth kill trades but neither team managed to position themselves for a safe baron attempt. C9 eventually claimed the baron buff, but it was the Elder Dragon fight that decided the game. TSM killed 3 and went straight to pushing bot lane, while Kha and Lucian tried to counterpush mid. However they got shut down by Lee and Camille while rest of TSM pushed for the title, securing their consecutive NA LCS title.

You can see all five games highlights on youtube.