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How to Tristana jungle: League of Legends pre-Season 8 (Guide) - Esportsranks
How to Tristana jungle: League of Legends pre-Season 8 (Guide)

It’s commonplace these days to have every new trend in the meta originate from the depths of the Korean server, and Tristana Jungle is no exception. The preseason has encouraged the League-playing populace to explore new builds and compositions which, in turn, has resulted in the meta shifting more violently than it probably ever has in the past. Now that the dust from the Ezreal jungle hype has settled down, Tristana’s the next ADC to enter the jungle.

Tristana Jungle Build


Tristana Jungle items

Made on mobafire.com

Apart from your jungling item, you’re going to build exactly like you’d build a normal Tristana. Once you’ve got all your items, sell your jungling item. Replace it with a Guardian Angel, or another situational item depending on the circumstances. You don’t need to complete your jungling item either; you can focus on the rest of your build from the start.


Tristana Jungle runes

via champion.gg

Keeping the runes simple and according to the standard bot lane rune path is the best way to go about it. It offers the maximum amount of movement and attack speed for ganks. Press the Attack is perfect for ganking; the combined firepower of you and your teammates will do huge amounts of damage once the passive kicks in.

The Strategy

The main idea behind playing Tristana in the jungle is to play her as you’d normally play the champion. What this entails is farming up for as long as the lane phase continues, and then becoming a second ADC for your team during the mid game. She has all the tools in her kit to be able to handle herself in the jungle; whether she gets invaded or simply wants to steal the enemy’s red buff quickly. Her early game damage makes her a strong threat to the enemy.

First Clear

Start at your Red Buff. That much should be obvious for this playstyle. Make sure you get a healthy, smiteless leash from your bot lane (or top lane, depending on which side of the map you started).

Go to your Raptors next. Normally junglers leave this camp for later, but as a Tristana you won’t have any problems with it. Use your E, Explosive Charge, on the large Raptor. Finish it off as quickly as you can with your Q, and smite if you have to. The AOE damage from your E will damage the surrounding Raptors. After this, killing them will become child’s play due to your passive.

Next, kill the wolves, Blue Buff, and Gromp in that order.

Your Ganks

Before level 6, your ganks are going to be a hop in with your W and an E on your opponent. Follow up with a Q to land as many autoattacks as you can. If possible, try to come up from behind your opponent so you can save your W for when they’ve exhausted their escape tools. This method is excellent for baiting out your enemy’s flash. After your level 6, you can start imitating Lee Sin by jumping behind your opponents and then ulting them into your teammates.


Tristana Jungle is quite interesting and a welcome change to the meta. I personally love how the tank jungler meta is coming to an end with picks like Ezreal, Tristana and Lee Sin. Tristana is actually much easier than Ezreal is in the jungle, and is a much more reliable source of damage. She’s got a far better late game, and will definitely become relatively popular as the weeks go on. It’s yet to be seen if she gets adopted into the LCS meta like Ezreal jungle.

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