Top 5 Overwatch Characters
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Overwatch is the first FPS game that has such a diverse character roster covering all major eSport roles such as offence, tank, support, and defence. Naturally, when you try and make each character unique you end up having certain characters that at times seem to have better abilities and stats which leads to quite a few more people playing with said player. Overwatch is no exception, all heroes in Overwatch are strong but there are few heroes that players love more than others. Here are the top 5 Overwatch characters of 2017

Top 5 Overwatch Characters used

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Genji being the Top 5 Overwatch characters list does come as a surprise considering the learning curve required to master the play style. Genji is fast, does considerable damage with his shurikens from any range, and can climb walls. What makes Genji really standout is his deflect ability that once you get the hang off can be used to deflect almost any incoming attacks for a short while.

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Pharah is the perfect player for anyone who is a beginner at Overwatch. You don’t need to know how to shoot, tank, use special abilities, or focus on a complex plan – all you have to do is pick Pharah and start shooting. Pharah uses rockets as her basic weapons which do a considerable amount of damage without even coming in contact with the enemy. When in the hands of a professional, Pharah can rain down high damage by flying overhead enemies allowing her to counter most defensive heroes in Overwatch.

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Considering her insane popularity we all knew Mercy was going to be in the top 5 Overwatch characters list. Mercy is a healer and support character which can easily be distinguished from her angel like appearance. Though Mercy can’t attack while healing, her healing abilities can easily top the chances of winning the game. If you want to provide pushing power and defensive buffs for your entire team, then Mercy can do that and much more!

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Soldier 76

Soldier 76 is more like a standard FPS character perfect for people that are used to playing CoD and Battlefield games. It’s no surprise to see Soldier 76 in the top 5 Overwatch characters played. Soldier 76’s two weapon fire modes further add to his appeal as a generic FPS character as well as having similar sprint capabilities. But what makes Soldier 76 so formidable in Overwatch is the fact that he can self-heal whenever he wants as well as his teammates.

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As surprising as it may seem, according to the statistics, the most played character in Overwatch is the support hero Lucio. Considering how beneficial Lucio’s healing and speed boost abilities prove in almost every match, Lucio being the most played Overwatch character makes a lot of sense. Lucio might not be able to heal all teammates at the same time but his healing speed and speed boost abilities really make him a must for every team.

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