Top 10 NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Plays, Week 1-5

Every split has its incredible plays and every player has the dream of a penta on the professional stage. Here at Esportsranks we have worked hard, – VERY HARD – , to bring you the top 10 NA LCS 2017 Summer Split plays from week 1-5.

Here they are in week order.

Top 10 NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Plays: Week 1

Immortals vs Phoenix1 “The Baron Steel”

In this amazing play Inori and Ryu team up to put an end to Immortal’s Baron plans. They jump over the wall and steal it at the last possible moment.

This game was P1’s only win of the series and saw the team amass over a 13k gold lead on their way to victory. Arrow and Shady were an incredible bottom duo who at games end shared 9 kills and 0 deaths between them.

Immortals vs Team SoloMid “The Loooong Game”

Doublelift, Biofrost and Svenskeren team up to make Cody Sun’s life a misery.

A game and series that Immortals actually win to set themselves up near the top of the league in week 1. This was in large part due to Xmithie’s plays, proving his swap from CLG was worth it for Immortals.

Top 10 NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Plays: Week 2

Echo Fox Vs CLG “The Reverse Gank.”

Grig on Lee sin shows how to save a teammate from a gank and reverse it to secure your own kill. Shielding Kenen he jumps to Darshan and brings him death.

This play was a bright spot in an otherwise frustrating game for Echo Fox. Only one member of Echo Fox finished positive while Dardoch and Huhi between them produced 13 kills and assists with only 2 deaths.

Counter Logic Gaming vs Team Solo Mid “The Wombo Combo”

In the opening game of the series between arch rivals Team SoloMid and CLG a Gragas exploding casket leads into a mid-air Blitz grab by Aphromoo, as Darshan sets up the team for a nice kill against their rivals.

The series was finally won by TSM 2 to 1 but this opening game gave CLG hope as they soundly trounced their opponents. They racked up an amazing 20 kills and only 7 deaths with their marksman Stixxay gaining 5 kills, 0 deaths and 10 assists. Comprehensive indeed.

Immortals vs Team Envy “Trap Laid”

A lot of map awareness and wards went into cornering Xmithie as he goes down 1v3 against Team Envy.

Xmithie finished a rare negative 3/4/4 as Immortals suffered their first series defeat of the season. Apollo led Team Envy to victory with an impressive 6/1/6 in the first game and Immortals could only manage to bring down 3 towers. Nidalee made an appearance in jungle while Hakuho’s Karma helped herself and her team to an impressive 13 assists.

Top 10 NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Plays: Week 3

Team Liquid vs TSM “Bard Plays”

Team Liquid’s Matt plays the Bard support very effectively as Svenskeren’s Elise rappels herself to safety, avoiding the Bard ult. Only he doesn’t avoid the follow-up.

The Bard plays weren’t enough to secure victory for Team Liquid as they succumbed to a better Team SoloMid side. This game was over in 31 minutes with some skillful calls from Rakan in the process. In the top lane, Hauntzer’s Jarvan finished nearly 4k ahead of his opponent Lourio who was on the Gragas.

Phoenix1 vs Dignitas “The Penta”

Ryu picks up a hard fought penta on Taliyah. It’s a long team fight but with decisive results.

Dignitas win the series 2-1 but this game was all about Ryu. Over in 25 minutes, he finishes 9/0/8. Check this out: he’s 4k ahead of Keane in mid lane who’s playing the Galio. Four thousand gold in 25 minutes is something to be proud of.

Top 10 NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Plays: Week 4

Counter Logic Gaming vs Team Envy “Arrow of God”

A Stixxay Ashe arrow into an unsuspecting Hakuho Gragas spells certain doom.

CLG were dominant in game 1 and 3. In this last game of the series they secured 21 kills to Envy’s 5, along with 11 towers, 4 inhibitors, 3 dragons, a Baron and a Rift Herald. Good game.

Top 10 NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Plays: Week 5

Cloud9 vs Team SoloMid “The Solo Kill”

Bjergsen takes down Jensen who finds himself at a loss as he wanders from the river to mid-lane. A shockwave sets up the kill nicely.

With only 6k gold difference at the end of the game, Bjergsen’s Orianna was crucial in securing a win in the first of this series. He finished 5/0/7, killing 318 minions and having nearly 2.5k more than his mid opponent Jensen.

Team Envy vs Dignitas “End Game”

There’s no player to single out here. You think it’s not going to end, and then it does.

Team Envy secure the series win, but Dignitas win this game in 26 minutes. It was thanks in large part to Altec who went 6/0/1. That’s more kills than the entire Envy team. Team Envy also managed to kill only 1 lone tower as they were steamrolled by Dignitas.

Killer Stats From The First 5 Weeks

Jensen reigns supreme with the highest total kills in the NA LCS. CLG have 3 of the top 4 deadly players in Huhi, Stixxay and Darshan. King of assists belongs to Smoothie, the support for C9 who stands on an amazing 236. CLG’s Aphromoo is just one assist behind him.

Yet another support, Matt of Team Liquid, has the highest kill participation rate of the league. Apollo proves the most deadly to minions with the death of 9,726 minions on his hands.

Summary Of The Top Top 10 NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Plays

It’s been a great 5 weeks with plenty of plays and we’re sure to see some moving and shaking as we progress into the last half of the split.

We here at Esportsranks would love to know your own favourite play of the Summer Split so far. Let us know in the comments down below.

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