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The Top Ten Best Fortnite Players NA - Esportsranks
The Top Ten Best Fortnite Players NA

The Fortnite Summer Skirmish is now over and that combined with the unofficial tournaments earlier in the year means we now have a good idea who are the top ten best Fortnite players. We are looking at North American players this week so check back soon for Europe!

Well be honest – it’s not been easy! As the weeks have gone on early front-runners like Ali “Myth” Kabbani, have failed to impress, but in their wake, a new cast of players have broken through to win major competitions for big money.

We’re ranking these guys on a number of factors including – tournament placements, earnings and playstyle.

Some of these you aren’t going to agree with, and we could argue about placement for days but if that isn’t what it’s all about, what is?

10) Aydan “Aydan” Conrad – Ghost Gaming

Aydan PS4 PLayer

Ghost Gaming were well represented at PAX West. Aydan pictured 3rd from the left.

Okay, this one is just for me. But at least let me state my reasons before the PC master race comes around to my house to string me up by their Logitech mechanical keyboards.

Ghost Aydan is not just a great player on PlayStation 4 he is a great player full stop.

His achievements are impressive. He finished 1st place in the first solo showdown held by Epic. That included PS4, Xbox and PC players(the Switch and Android versions weren’t out at that time.) So far he has only been invited to 3 Summer Skirmish’s but has performed well. 17th in Week 2 and 16th place in Week 5.

But it was at the PAX West were we really got to see Aydan at his best. The crowd really got behind him. Huge cheers greeted every kill and chants of “Aydan” broke out everytime he was on screen.

There was also the battle to be crowned ‘King of Titled Towers.’ NickMercs, the most well known PS4 player had made it to the Grand Finals and both players exclusively dropped Titled Towers. And so the battle lines were drawn.  It was one of those moments where you knew Fortnite as an esport had arrived. The crowd went wild as the competitors traded blows. Aydan would ultimately come out on top killing Nick 3 out of 4 times.

“So he can kill Playstation players,” I hear you scoffing – well get this. He clapped everyone in Week 8. Dropping a 17 kill game in qualifiers and a 7 and 8 kill game in the Grand Finals. And it could have been better.  He died prematurely waiting on the edit button to activate – a “feature” only seen in the console version. His death wasn’t in vain though because Epic has recently patched this to reduce the edit time.

Aydan has put console players on the map. He showed the community not only can they be amazing builders, they can also go toe-to-toe with the best players. The only real negative I put on him is he needs to scrim more as he admitted he just doesn’t do it. It will help him in his late game where he has come up short.

Check out Aydan and NickMercs go at it.


9) Ryan “Chap” Chaplo – Team Liquid

Chap has been in the pro scene from its inception. The first player to popularise the stretched resolution. The primary shot caller for Team Liquid(They don’t officially have a captain). Chap personifies the safety-first approach that Liquid have become known for. The thinking man’s player and an asset for any team. The only thing that lets him down is he can’t really be aggressive when he needs to be.

He performs better as a duo rather than a solo. In Duo’s, he has never placed outside the top 10 in 5 separate skirmish’s. His performances with FaZe Theifs has saw him finish 1st, 3rd and 4th.

8) Dylan “DMO” Moore – Ghost Gaming

DMO might not have the clout of the other players on the list, but that will change in the future. Consistency is a word that comes up time and again when talking about any esport and in a Battle Royale game it has an even greater significance and let me explain why. All BR games have an element of randomness or RNG – where you land, what your first weapon is, where the storm goes. Successfully navigating all of these hurdles and still coming out on top is the mark of a truly great player in BR and in that respect, DMO is up there with the very best.

He has already won a few tournaments. He came first with his org in the FNPL and took home a win in Week 6 of the Summer Skirmish alongside KingRichard which came off the back of a 2nd place finish Bizzle the week before.

In fact in the five Summer Skirmish’s DMO has been invited to he has never finished lower than 6th! An incredible achievement that shoots him up the list.

6 & 7) Dennis “Cloak” Lepore and Turner “Tfue” Tenney – FaZe Clan

FaZe Best fortnite players

Tfue and Cloak are considered the best duo in the game.

Yes, it’s my list, but I can’t bear the thought of these two being split up. For many, this duo will have been there first taste of pro-Fortnite. They smashed their way to the top with a series of electrifying performances in Keemstar’s Friday Fortnite Tournament(If you weren’t quite tuned into what was happening back then check out these summary’s of the pro scene here and here to get caught up.) These two tore the competition up winning the popular tournament 4 times.

In the summer Skirmish proper they haven’t been as impressive, but allowances have to be made. Cloak and Tfue have only had the opportunity to play together once in Week 5 were they placed 5th. Cloak also came 2nd in the pub stomping Summer Skirmish Week 2 behind Idropz_bodies so let’s just say he came 1st. Tfue has also had strong showings a highlight being his 2nd place in Week 5 with fellow FaZe member Yelo.

They make a formidable duo – it’s real yin and yang stuff. Cloak as captain and shot caller, able to nonchalantly call out where every opponent is going from their dive off the bus. While Tfue is one of the most mechanically gifted players in the game – the perfect blend of efficient building and gunplay.

You can’t really talk about Tfue without talking about the controversies though. Rumours of a ban by Epic. He has had temporary bans from Twitch. His YouTube account was recently suspended, and that’s just the headline stuff. To clarify though Epic has never banned him from tournaments. He’s back on Twitch, and his Youtube suspension came around because he had been hacked, but it’s hard to shape the perception that he can be a troublemaker and really what he needs now is to get his head down and show us all the skills that made his name.

All in all, they are two of the most explosive and exciting players in the game and even though they haven’t quite popped off in official tournaments with this duo it’s a case of when not if.

5) Timothy “Bizzle” Miller – Ghost Gaming

You may not know who Bizzle is, but you probably remember the team that took the “first to 13 points” rule a little too literally in Week 3. Believing they had won they started celebrating and trolling only to later find out Zayt and Saf had pipped them to 1st.  That excited duo contained someone who should have known better – an experienced pro in that goes by Bizzle. Few could fault the pair for making that mistake, the rules in typical Epic fashion were confusing. Bizzle laughed it off  – he was still $24,000 up.

And he hasn’t really let up since then. Finishing 1st with his Ghost teammates in season 1 of the FNPL, he also dragged KittyPlays who, no disrespect, is no pro to a 10th place finish in Week 7. Another 2nd place was to follow in Week 5 winning alongside Ghost teammate DMO.

His performance at PAX West has really put him on the map. Taking advantage of the unplanned Game 7, he highlighted his game intelligence. Moving early to take his place in the safe zone, conserving mats and comfortable in the low ground. This win alone netted him $25,000, and he leapfrogged Natehill into 2nd place.

Watch the Bizzle clip above to get an idea of this guy’s game intellegience in a 14 kill pub game where he takes 0 damage! Take note of his building style shielding himself from shots before the player has even made them.

4) Williams “Zayt” Aubins – NRG Esports

Zayt will be a name on this list many will not know. He doesn’t have a considerable Twitch or YouTube following at least not yet, but he is another who has quietly been scrimming away on the Pro Discord scene. A scene that spawned the Fortnite Pro League. NRG took 3rd place behind Ghost and Team Envy in this unofficial squad tournament and in the process making a case for being one of the best orgs in the game.

Where Zayt has distinguished himself from his teammates and lift him into 4th on this list is his Summer Skirmish performances. Everyone sat up and took notice when in Week 3, he and Saf of Ghost Gaming finished 1st – even though they sat out two games due to a power cut! Insane when you think about it. A format where you accumulate points over 8 games, and you miss 2 of them… It wasn’t a flash in the pan either. He has consistently finished strong with 3rd(x2), 4th, 8th and a 26th place over the course of the Summer Skirmish. These performances put him 9th for highest earnings taking home a cool $124,725.

Zayt will undoubtedly be one of the stars of the game.

3) Nate “Natehill” Hill – FaZe Clan

Natehill best fortnite players

Natehill is now part of FaZe clan.

Instantly recognisable by his Gunnar glasses, Natehill first came to our attention in the Solo Showdowns held earlier this year. Since then he has built a reputation for himself as one of the top performers in the game. Known for his mastery of the build mechanics and high game IQ. He likes to work the low ground and play aggressively for eliminations.

Signed by the prestigious and quite frankly stacked FaZe roster just before the PAX West LAN, it wouldn’t a surprise if Natehill was feeling a little more pressure than usual. If he did he showed little signs of it. He finished 4th in Fortnite’s first major LAN event and can feel aggrieved he didn’t place higher.

He missed out on a couple of points when he couldn’t clinch 1st – both came via heal offs. One was contentious when he seemed to encounter a bug not allowing him to pickaxe a structure. On top of that, he failed to perform in Game 7 – the match added by Epic mid-way through the tournament.

But that is to take nothing away from Natehill who has shown the goods on a number of occasions. With his regular duo partner, Funkbomb, he won Summer Skirmish Week 6 and finished 2nd in Week 7. He also beat out Vivid to win Ninja’s Redbull tournament.

Currently signed to FaZe as a solo player, if squads take off as the competitive format expect to see changes in the roster to make space for Natehill.

Check out his performance in Week 7 – a particular highlight is at 9:20 when he disrespects both Ninja and Dr.Lupo in a 1v2.

2) Jake “Poach” Brumleve – Team Liquid

Liquid Poach

Poach has established himself as one of the top pro’s in the game as part of the prestigious Team Liquid.

Unlike some of the players on this list, Poach has always had the goal of becoming a pro in Fortnite. The players that now make up Team Liquid were part of a small group of players that arranged games between each other and scrimmed religiously before there was ever really a pro scene to speak of. That is why many of the players we now see regularly winning tournaments are not some the names that became huge at the time Fortnite was blowing up. These guys weren’t pub stomping on Twitch – they were slowly figuring out and mastering the meta in a competitive setting, building a reputation and testing themselves against the best.

Oh and how it has paid off. Poach by one measure is the most successful Fortnite player in the world. And that measure is cold hard cash. No one has taken more home from tournaments than Poach, $276,350 and counting.

For Poach it comes down to one thing – consistency.

What highlights Poach’s consistency is even though he has earned the most money he has only won a single Summer Skirmish – in week 5.

Poach is a calm presence and isn’t a man to get tilted even if he isn’t way out in front he quietly plugs away achieving high placements. Other notable results include 2nd place in Week 4 and a 3rd in Week 8.

As the youngest member of Team Liquid, don’t expect this guy to be dropping off anytime soon.

1) Noah “Vivid” Wright – Team Liquid

Vivid formerly NotVivid owes a lot to the Summer Skirmish. A virtual unknown before the start of the series, he can now reliably claim to be the most decorated Fortnite player in the world. He won 4 out of a possible 8 weeks and came 2nd in another. With all the attention the offers came flying in. The Fortnite community was going crazy with rumours of what organisation he was set to join, with many claiming TSM were set to sign him. Vivid clearly seeing the value in all the speculation built on the suspense with a series of cryptic tweets ala LeBron James. With offers from every team, he eventually plumped for Liquid. His reasons were clear. They wanted to win, and he was a winner.

Vivid is one of the most versatile Fortnite players and an all-rounder in the true sense of the word – Vivid has won competitions in Solos, Duos, and a Squad event in the StepOnes Master League.

His strengths lie in his consistency and game IQ. They don’t call him “the robot” for nothing. He is a master of maintaining the high ground and has an uncanny ability to minimise damage to himself through great building and movement. Unlike most pro’s he likes to mix it up by dropping in different locations mentioning to MonsterD in an interview, “sometimes I just hit the jump key and see where I go.”

The only negative for Vivid was his performance at PAX West. As an invited player he didn’t have to qualify was given only one chance to get through to the Grand Finals. Seemingly Vivid wasn’t aware of this stipulation, and he and the Grand Finals would have been better off with him in.

For my money, this guy is number one.

So who do you think are the best Fortnite players? Is having Aydan in there ridiculous? Who comes out on top Liquid or FaZe? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!