TI9 Battle Pass Guide: How to Level Up Your TI9 Battle Pass

The TI9 Battle Pass is finally here, and with it comes another set of neat, exclusive goodies just waiting for you to earn them. However, as soon as you pick yourself up any one of the three initial bundles, you’ll soon realize one thing — how do I get my hands on these rewards?

As with any previous battle pass, the key to achieving the rewards of the TI9 Battle Pass is to level up.

Each level brings you a step closer to getting yourself a new treat, which means, you’re going to have to put in a lot of work (sometimes literally) to get there.

Below are the many different things that you can do to rack up those levels and get what you want out of the TI9 Battle Pass.

Complete the Jungle

TI9 Battle Pass

Completing the Jungle Expedition will net you around 33,000 BP, in addition to the sets that you get.

For the TI9 Battle Pass, Valve decided to make do without the Cavern Crawl and missions. Instead, they added a themed feature, based somewhat on last year’s Cavern Crawl, named as the Jungle Expedition.

Just like last year, the Jungle Expedition encourages players to try out new heroes to progress. As you progress, you can collect as many as 51 pieces of 300 Battle Points + 150 Dota Plus Shards and 2000 Battle Points + 10000 Dota Plus Shards, along with the exclusive sets.

Unlike the Cavern Crawl last year, you can actually play turbo games to “defeat” the heroes impeding your progress. But, to move on, you’d have to win two turbo games as opposed to a single normal match or ranked match.


TI9 Battle Pass

Coaching is one of the many perks of having a TI9 Battle Pass and getting a couple of levels out of it is pretty much just a bonus.

For the TI9 Battle Pass, you can’t exactly wager BP points on professional Dota 2 matches in official Pro Circuit events to gain points. However, you can now play matches as a coach to try and gain points and complete achievements.

Coaching is a new feature included in the TI9 Battle Pass that allows higher-ranked players to give tips to players who are ranked lower than them. You can earn as much as 15,000 DPC points and complete 9 achievements from doing this, so that’s at least 15 levels.

Place Wagers On Your Own Matches

TI9 Battle Pass

Just as before, owners of the TI9 Battle Pass can wager tokens to get BP points for every time they win.

Placing wagers on your own matches is one of the best ways to make a lot of Battle Points in little time without really investing any more money into the TI9 Battle Pass.

That is, if you can win more often than not.

Those with a TI9 Battle Pass get 1,000 Tokens every week to use to place wagers at the start of each match. If you win, you’ll get double the amount of Tokens that you wagered. If you lose, well, then you don’t get any. It’s that simple.

In addition to the 1,000 weekly Tokens that you get, you’ll also get Tribute Tokens along with your TI9 Battle Pass, which is a team-wide bet that also allows your allies to earn Tokens if your team wins a game.

The higher your the level of your TI9 Battle Pass, the more Tribute Tokens you’ll have. Also, these Tribute Tokens refresh every week, so you might as well bet it on a game.

In any case, if you’re sure that you’re about to win a game anyway, you might as well wager Tokens and Tribute Tokens on your matches and hope for the best.

Get Tipped for Playing Well

TI9 Battle Pass

In-game tipping returns, along with other nifty features, with the TI9 Battle Pass. (Dota 2 / Valve)

In Dota 2, when your teammates play well, you can either commend them at the end of the game, or you can give them a small reward in the form of tips.

If you and your teammates have a TI9 Battle Pass, you can give them a +25 tip in the form of Battle Points. They can also do the same for you as well, which is why it’s important that you do your best and try hard to win the game.

Keep in mind that you can only tip three players a match and a maximum of ten players a week, so be careful when you hand out these free Battle Points. Also, while you can only give a +25 BP tip at the start, at higher levels, you hand out as much as +50 or +100 BP when you give a tip.

Unlock Achievements

TI9 Battle Pass

While it can take a lot of time to complete all of the achievements, it will be very well worth it given how many bonus cosmetics are included in the higher levels of the TI9 Battle Pass.

If you’re familiar with unlocking achievements in other video game titles, the same principle applies to unlocking achievements on the TI9 Battle Pass.

There are 42 achievements for you to complete with the TI9 Battle Pass. There are the basic achievements, and a higher one that gives you even more Battle Points. In some cases, you can unlock two more levels to get even more BP if you’re able to unlock the said achievement.

Unlocking achievements is a relatively easy way to gain Battle Points, provided you’re okay with putting in a bit of work.

Play the Wrath of the Mo’Rokai Custom Mode

TI9 Battle Pass

The all-new custom mode of the TI9 Battle Pass might net you a couple of dozen levels if you keep at it.

Okay, so we don’t actually know just how much Battle Points you’re going to get from the custom mode, and we have no way to know for sure yet what it’s going to be all about because it’s still marked down as “coming soon”.

From what we can tell, however, is that the Mo’rokai are a pair of mythic beasts and the goal seems to be collecting arcane energy for these creatures so that they can get their powers back. Considering that there are two mythic beasts, the custom mode might just pit two teams of Dota 2 players against each other all over a custom map. Although, how exactly it’s going to work is something that we don’t right now.

But, even though we don’t know if it’s going to be like last year’s Underhollow custom event, we do know that custom modes often give out its fair share of BP points as well for players.

Don’t worry. Because, as soon as the event is out, you can expect us to have a guide ready right away.

Give Your Money to Gaben

The easiest — and most expensive — way to level up your TI9 Battle Pass it to spend money on it.

Similar to previous years, your level-buying options for the TI9 Battle Pass include: 24 levels for $9.99; 11 levels for $4.99; and 5 levels for $2.49.

Economically, you’re better off spending your money on the 24-level pack each time you think about throwing money on your TI9 Battle Pass. Doing so brings down the cost per level to roughly around 41.265. This is a bit lower compared to buying the 5-level pack, which will set you back around 50 cents per level.

That’s not all.

To get even more value out of your money and raise your TI9 Battle Pass to reasonable levels, you can wait for the weekend sale.

Last year, the TI8 Battle Pass weekend sale sold for a mere $24.99 for 100 Battle Pass levels, as well as 7 of each of Immortal I and Immortal II treasures.

Final Thoughts

Unlike in previous years, there really isn’t a way to level up your TI9 Battle Pass much outside of spending money on it. But, if it’s any consolation, there’s far more content and rewards this time around.

For example, last year, the TI8 Battle Pass only had the Emerald Abyss Terrain at level 160, the custom Lane Creeps at level 190, and the Lion Prestige Item at level 255. Meanwhile, for the TI9 Battle Pass, you’re going to get only the Custom Terran at level 160 and the Tiny Prestige Item at Level 255. But, at level 305, you get access to the Young Invoker Persona, which is the first-ever item released of such kind in Dota 2. A little bit further at Level 335 is the custom Towers, followed by the Earthshaker Planetfall Arcana at Level 365 and the Bare Knuckle Axe Set at level 425.

Keep in mind that all these exclusive items won’t be available for sale after The International 2019 ends.

So, if you’re really keen on getting your hands on exclusive items, then you’re going to get far more rewards than before without having to go past level 500, which is quite reasonable when you think about it.

Either way, whether or not you choose to spend money on your The International 2019 Battle Pass is completely up to you.

Good luck, and have fun.

What do you think of the TI9 Battle Pass? Do you think that it has far more value at lower levels compared to the previous battle passes released? What do you think Valve could have done better with? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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