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TI8 Main Event Day 6: Odds, Analyses, Predictions - Esportsranks
TI8 Main Event Day 6: Odds, Analyses, Predictions

It’s grand finals day as the action comes to a head in the TI8 main event Day 6 where only one of the three remaining teams will go home with the Aegis of Champions and $10 million dollars richer at the end of the day.

If you told me a few weeks ago that Evil Geniuses would be responsible for sweeping the trio of Team Secret, Virtus.Pro, and Team Liquid, at the main event of this year’s The International, I’d call you delusional. After all, those three have been the best Dota 2 teams this season, occupying the 4th, 1st and 2nd place on the season leaderboards, respectively. But, as we head into the TI8 main event Day 6, that’s exactly what has happened.

Evil Geniuses, who only formed a few months ago and had to qualify for TI8 via the Open Qualifiers, are now just one match away from securing a spot in the Grand Finals. The only team standing in their way? PSG.LGD.

Should Evil Geniuses also beat the two-time Major champions tomorrow in the TI8 main event Day 6, they’ll have been responsible for eliminating the top three teams of the 2017-18 Dota Pro Circuit.

As surprising as Evil Geniuses run has been, however, it only comes second to the absolutely wild ride that OG has gone through. From a ragtag team of players that weren’t even expected to make it out of the opening rounds of TI8, let alone start in the upper brackets, OG have now secured their highest placements at a TI yet and will be waiting for which of Evil Geniuses and PSG.LGD they’ll have to face in the Grand Finals for the Aegis of Champions.

Having said that, let us not delay things any further and get right on with our predictions for the TI8 main event Day 6.

All odd courtesy of GGbet.

TI8 Main Event Day 6: Lower Bracket Finals

PSG.LGD vs Evil Geniuses

TI8 Main Event Day 6

Having already beaten Team Secret, Team Liquid, and Virtus.Pro, Evil Geniuses will now look to take down PSG.LGD next in the TI8 main event Day 6. (Valve)

Match Schedule: August 26, 0100H (UTC+8)

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from The International 2018, it’s that we can never know what will happen until it happens. Also, we’ve learned that preparation is extremely important now, perhaps much more so than ever before.

While both Evil Geniuses and OG’s run both took everyone by surprise, their drafts and preparation for each game proved that they were playing to win every time, and boy, win they did.

PSG.LGD, however, are no slouches either when it comes to preparation, and just like OG and Evil Geniuses, they’re no strangers to coming out of left field and taking down heavy favourites. After all, they weren’t considered as powerhouses until a few months ago. Additionally, they’re one of the few teams this season to possess a winning record against both Virtus.Pro and Team Liquid.

Of course, both of the teams we named, as great as they are, fell in the hands of Evil Geniuses, which makes it only fair to wonder if the same fate are going to befall to PSG.LGD.

Historically, that seems to be the likely case, as the team coming from the upper bracket finals has lost and gone home for two TIs in a row — Evil Geniuses in TI6 and LFY in TI7. But, trivial piece of data aside, we have Evil Geniuses pegged to win simply because they have looked like the better Dota 2 team, capable of winning when they’re ahead and with the mental fortitude to play from behind.

Betting: Evil Geniuses to win at 2 odds. (GGbet)

TI8 Main Event Day 6: Grand Finals

TI8 Main Event Day 6

The strong carry play of Ana and the coaching of ppasarel have played huge factors in the success of OG at TI8. (Valve)

OG have survived this far on the backs of spectacular all-around team play, clever use of underrated in-game mechanics, as well as standout individual performances. Anathan ‘ana‘ Pham, for one, has made a strong case for the tournament MVP, especially for his play on Spectre, which has helped OG clinch two series that went to a third and decisive game two times in a row.

Now, they’re only one series win away from adding that elusive Aegis of Champions to their trophy case that’s already filled with four trophies inspired by Dota 2 teams from winning four out of five of the prestigious Valve majors.

In any case, just like how we favoured Evil Geniuses for having had more time to prepare yesterday, we’ll give OG the same benefit as well. After all, Cristian ‘ppasarel‘ Banaseanu has yet to disappoint us, and his insightful interviews in between games for OG has proven that he comes in ready and equipped to help put OG in the best position to win.

Which Dota 2 team do you think will come out with the Aegis of Champions tomorrow in the TI8 main event Day 6? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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