TI8 Main Event Day 4: Odds, Analyses, Predictions

The TI8 main event Day 4 will take the action to the high-stakes matchups in the lower bracket where three more teams will be eliminated at the end of the day. 

We saw the first two series of the TI8 main event that went all the way to a third game earlier today. First up was Team Secret, who eliminated ViCi Gaming after losing a drawn-out Game 1. This was followed by a neck-and-neck matchup between OG and Evil Geniuses that ultimately went the way of Johan ‘N0tail‘ Sundstein and his squad.

But while those two series made for some must-watch dotes, it was the turnout of the matchup between the heavy favourites, Team Liquid and PSG.LGD, that probably shocked the most. Although we did see some quality play between both teams, what was probably surprising was how convincingly PSG.LGD outplayed and outdrafted the reigning champions in the sweep.

As the lone Chinese team remaining in the event, PSG.LGD have proven that they will not go down quite easily, and after already dispatching two of their closest rivals in Team Liquid and Virtus.Pro, it certainly seems like they have every intention of keeping the TI east-west cycle intact.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait to see PSG.LGD play again, as we move on to the lower brackets, as OpTic Gaming face off against their personal kryptonite, Virtus.Pro, for the right to face off against Evil Geniuses while VGJ.Storm and Team Secret will square up to see who will advance and be matched up against Team Liquid.

All odds courtesy of ArcaneBet.

TI8 Main Event Day 4: Lower Brackets

OpTic Gaming vs Virtus.Pro

TI8 Main Event Day 4

Virtus.Pro seem to have found their groove again after playing slightly below their usual level throughout the tournament. (Virtus.Pro)

Match Schedule: August 24, 0100H (UTC+8)

This far on into the tournament, you probably won’t expect to see a lopsided matchup as most teams are generally dead even or very close to each other in terms of skill level. But, OpTic Gaming’s past history against Virtus.Pro suggests that this is as lopsided as any match can get.

Virtus.Pro and OpTic Gaming have played each other seven times this season. Of that seven times, OpTic Gaming have only won one game. Not one series, but one game. They’ve also seen Virtus.Pro crush their hopes of receiving a TI8 invite twice during the 2017-18 Dota Pro Circuit. That should help paint the grim picture that the #greenwall will face tomorrow in the TI8 main event Day 4.

And, while it could’ve probably applied that Virtus.Pro are not exactly in top form a few days ago, their performance against Mineski suggests that the team has found their groove once again.

With none of their cores particularly strong or dominant laners, OpTic Gaming‘s run at TI8 will most likely end with a respectable 7th-8th place finish.

Betting: Virtus.Pro -1.5 Map Advantage at 1.62 odds (ArcaneBet).

VGJ.Storm vs Team Secret

TI8 Main Event Day 4

VGJ.Storm will now look to the Ukrainian superstar, Roman ‘Resolut1on’ Fominok, to try and carry them through the lower brackets and deeper into the tournament. (Valve)

Match Schedule: August 24, 0400H (UTC+8)

Team Secret are an enigma. You’ll never know what they’re going to do, and that’s a problem. Sometimes, for the opponents, sometimes, for them, as their drafts can and have put them in a corner, as we’ve mentioned so many times this past season.

Up against ViCi Gaming, Clement ‘Puppey‘ Ivanov managed to rally his troops, but mostly on the backs of a pretty normal draft. At least, for their standards. However, ViCi Gaming aren’t exactly the goldbearers of consistency, and now that they’re up against VGJ.Storm, who will punish them heavily both for misplays and draft mistakes, Team Secret won’t have as much wiggle room to be themselves and still win a game.

Of course, we can always bet on Puppey deviating from his usual norms, but that’s wishful thinking.

Between VGJ.Storm’s consistency and the fact that they’re not exactly one to let mistakes slip by, this series is as good as theirs.

Betting: VGJ.Storm to win at 2.10 odds. (ArcaneBet)

Who Is Evil Geniuses Going to Face Next?

TI8 Main Event Day 4

Win or lose, Andreas Franck ‘Cr1t-‘ Nielsen has been one of the most consistent performers of Evil Geniuses. (Valve)

Match Schedule: August 24, 0700H (UTC+8)

If all fall according to plan, we’re going to see Virtus.Pro play against Evil Geniuses to end the day tomorrow at the TI8 main event Day 4.

Normally, we’d say that this is Virtus.Pro’s game to lose. After all, they hold 3-0 series advantage against Evil Geniuses in the past six months. But, prior to that, you could say the same, only in the favour of the boys in blue, as Virtus.Pro had yet take even a single game off of against Evil Geniuses since the current iteration formed, a streak that dates back to the Boston Major in 2016.

Still, calling this series will be difficult, although we’re inclined to place our money on Evil Geniuses to win.

How do you think the matches of the TI8 main event Day 4 will turn out? Do you think we’ll see any one or both of Virtus.Pro and Team Secret eliminated earlier than expected? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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