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TI7 Upper Bracket Day 3 Recap: Chinese Dota, Best Dota - Esportsranks
TI7 Upper Bracket Day 3 Recap: Chinese Dota, Best Dota

Things are looking good for fans of Chinese Dota as it’s now guaranteed that at least any one of LFY or Newbee will be competing at the TI7 grand finals.

Newbee Take Down The B-Emperor

After taking down Team Liquid in the opening match of the TI7 playoffs, many had high hopes that this was finally the year that the “B-Emperor” would get that elusive TI win.

Unfortunately, after losing to Newbee 2-1, Invictus Gaming will now have to continue their quest from the lower brackets.

Chinese Dota

Image via Valve

In Game 1, Newbee took the win on the backs of Song ‘Sccc’ Chun’s Sniper and Damien ‘Kpii’ Chok on Puck. 

With Ye ‘BoBoKa’ Zhibiao leading the way, Invictus Gaming struck back in Game 2, as he made play after play all over the map on his Earth Spirit. 

In Game 3, Newbee did a great job in preventing Xu ‘BurNIng’ Zhilei and Ou ‘Op’ Peng on Lycan and Tinker from farming and snowballing.

As a result, the farm-starved carry players could do nothing to stop Newbee as went for a final push to end the game in just ~48 minutes.

LFY Slaughter The Bears

LFY is now the unlikely face of modern Chinese Dota after taking the competitive scene by storm with their nearly undefeated run so far.

Unsurprisingly, they’ve also been one of the most entertaining teams to watch, thanks to their penchant for beating their opponents at their own games and making them look absolutely silly.

Virtus.Pro know this all too well after LFY made them call GG just ~15 minutes into the game during the group stages.

That was then, though, and with VP’s earlier sweep of LGD Gaming, they looked prime to get some payback.

That, however, wasn’t exactly the case.

Chinese Dota

Image via Valve

In Game 1, Du ‘Monet’ Peng and his Morphling made mincemeat of Virtus.Pro. He led all players in net worth by a considerable margin and finished the game with 9 kills and 0 deaths as they forced out a GG from the CIS squad in just ~26 minutes.

VP looked better in Game 2, which made for a back-and-forth affair for much of the game until Virtus Pro’s high ground push failed and resulted in a team wipe.

What followed next were the most intense final minutes of this year’s main event as VP fought valiantly to stay in the game. But, to no avail, LFY was just too strong, too experienced and too disciplined.

Tue ‘Ahfu’ Soon Chuan’s Earth Spirit play near the end of the game served as the final nail in the coffin.

EU/CIS vs China

Of the eight remaining teams at TI this year, four are from China, while the rest are from Europe and CIS.

So much for the rest of the world catching up with those three regions, eh?

Which of Team Empire, OG, Team Liquid and Virtus.Pro do you think will make it out of the lower brackets? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. 

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