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TI7 Upper Bracket Day 1 Recap: China Takes the Day - Esportsranks
TI7 Upper Bracket Day 1 Recap: China Takes the Day

The opening upper bracket match ups, Team Liquid vs Invictus Gaming and Newbee vs EG, ends with the Chinese teams securing themselves a Top 6 finish and at least a million dollars in prize money.

Invictus Gaming 2, Team Liquid 1

In an earlier interview, Lasse ‘MATUMBAMAN’ Urpalaine revealed that Team Liquid was out for revenge against Invictus Gaming, who were responsible for eliminating them at The Kiev Major back in April.

Unfortunately, though, they’ll have to wait to get their revenge.

Invictus Gaming drew first blood using an aggressive lineup revolving around ganks and pickoffs around the map while letting Ou ‘Op’ Peng soak up the farm around the map on Alchemist.

After ~30 minutes, Game 1 ended with a kill count score of 31-12 in favour of Invictus Gaming. 

In Game 2, Invictus Gaming tried to run the same strategy but Team Liquid was ready for it this time around. They also were able to pick up Keeper of the Light for their prolific position 4 support player, Maroun ‘GH’ Merhe, a banning phase slip up that ultimately cost Invictus Gaming the game.

Newbee vs EG

Invictus Gaming had learned from their mistake by Game 3. They immediately banned IO and Keeper of the Light then picked up Earthshaker for themselves for their young offlaner, Lin ‘Xxs’ Jing.

Xxs and his Earthshaker proved to be the difference maker in the series clinching match. Meanwhile, Op also came up with clutch plays on Lina that prevented Ivan ‘MinD_ContRoL’ Borislavov from initiating with Faceless Void. 

Overall, it was a team effort as each member of Invictus Gaming, from the carries to the support, played extremely well.

Newbee 2, Evil Geniuses 0

Newbee vs EG

Most people expected Newbee vs EG to be a close series and go the distance, but that wasn’t exactly the case.

In Game 1, Evil Geniuses raced out to an early game as their early game aggression gave Newbee fits. However, one botched team fight in the middle lane allowed Newbee to gain some momentum and as soon as Song ‘Sccc’ Chun secured a BKB for his Outworld Devourer, the game was practically over.

In Game 2, the story was all about Saahil ‘UNiVeRsE’ Arora on his Enigma and Newbee’s patience.

Newbee vs EG

Evil Geniuses gave Newbee a lot of problems as UNiVeRsE was his prolific self on Enigma, using the hero’s ultimate, Black Hole, to great effect. However, Sccc was able to bait UNiVeRsE out into using his ultimate late into the game and that proved to be the deciding point of the match as Newbee went on to secure two lanes of barracks soon after.

From there, Newbee just did not let up and after Evil Geniuses’ push attempt resulted in them getting wiped, they were forced to call GG.

During that particular series-deciding team fight, Hu ‘Kaka’ Liangzh came up with a clutch play on Earth Spirit that was a huge factor in helping Newbee secure the win.

With that, Newbee vs EG ended 2-0 in favour of Newbee. 

China Takes The Day

With Newbee vs EG and Liquid vs IG going the way they did, the chances of the remaining upper bracket match ups being all Chinese after tomorrow’s matchups are high; both LGD and LFY are heavily favoured against CIS’ Virtus.Pro and SEA’s TNC Pro Team in their respective series’ tomorrow.  

Meanwhile, the lower bracket match ups are currently on going, with eight teams fighting for their tournament lives.

For more information about the lower bracket match ups and our predictions, be sure to check out our preview.

Will China rule the day yet again in Day 2 of the TI7 main event? Or will either one of Virtus.Pro or TNC pull off an upset? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. 

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