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TI7 SEA Qualifiers Phase 1 Recap: TNC First To Qualify For TI7 - Esportsranks
TI7 SEA Qualifiers Phase 1 Recap: TNC First To Qualify For TI7

Kuku’s excellent performance on Puck helped TNC Pro Team edge out Fnatic during the last match of the TI7 SEA Qualifiers Phase 1 to secure their slot at TI7 for the second year in a row.

TI7 SEA Qualifiers – A Bloodbath Indeed

As mentioned previously in TI7 Regional Qualifiers predictions for SEA, we said that the TI7 SEA Qualifiers would be an absolute bloodbath. At least, for the third slot that is. We had Faceless and TNC Pro Team pegged as the top two seeds heading into the main qualifiers. However, that’s not exactly how things have transpired here in SEA.

Faceless, who finished just outside the top five after dropping their last game against Geek Fam, were not their usual selves throughout the TI7 SEA Qualifiers. The team would drop out of the qualifiers entirely after losing their tie-breaker match against Execration, a team that not many people pegged would contend for one of the three slots.

With Faceless dropping out of the tournament, iceiceice will miss TI for the first time.

Meanwhile, Fnatic and Mineski came out to play. While both teams have not had strong showings prior to the TI7 SEA Qualifiers, their performances today serve to validate just how good they are as a team and how stacked the SEA region really is.

Fnatic, in particular, were even in the running for the first TI7 slot until their matchup against TNC Pro Team. They could’ve easily been the first to book their flights to Seattle had Kuku not gone nuts on Puck. 

From Underdogs To Powerhouse

The winning moment! We are going back to Seattle boys. Thank you Lord God for this blessing! This is all for you!Thank you to all our sponsors and partners, Predator Philippines DXRacer Twitch Red Bull Niugame and The Net.com!To all our fans, thank you for the continuous support!

Posted by TNC Pro Team – Dota2 on Tuesday, June 27, 2017

TNC Pro Team went on one of the most surprising runs in TI history last year.

Led by their then-captain, Jimmy ‘DeMoN’ Ho, TNC Pro Team finished 7-8th and took home an estimated $500,000 in earnings. Their run’s highest point was perhaps them taking down OG, which is now widely considered as the biggest upset in TI history.

A year later, TNC Pro Team is no longer an underdog team heading into TI. They have used their experience from TI6 to rise to the top of the SEA region. Now, they’re widely considered as one of the best DOTA 2 teams in the whole world.

TNC Pro Team will definitely need more excellent performances from Kuku if they are to top their TI6 performance.

#RoadToTI7 – Regional Qualifiers

TI7 SEA Qualifiers

@wykrhm / Twitter

Fnatic, Mineski, Execration and Clutch Gamers will all get a second chance for a slot at TI7 in Phase 2 of the TI7 SEA Qualifiers.

All four teams will face each other in a GSL format bracket in Phase 2. All matches will be played in a BO3. The winners of the Upper Bracket and Lower Bracket will qualify for TI7.

So far, only TNC Pro Team and Team Secret have secured their slots for TI7. Phase 2 of both the EU and SEA Regional Qualifiers will start tomorrow. Meanwhile, Phase 1 of the Chinese, NA, and SA regional qualifiers are currently ongoing.

Be sure to follow MoonduckTV and Beyond The Summit for their live coverage English broadcasts of all the TI7 Regional Qualifiers matchups.