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TI7 Main Event Day 4: Liquid Stand Alone - Esportsranks
TI7 Main Event Day 4: Liquid Stand Alone

Day 4 of the TI7 main event saw Team Liquid slug it through a gauntlet of teams as they took down Team Empire and Virtus.Pro en route to a Top 4 finish and become the last remaining non-Chinese team in the tournament.

Team Liquid Sweeps Team Empire

TI7 Main Event

Image via Valve

Known as one of the most prolific hard carry players in the world, Resolut1on, who was standing in for Team Empire’s, Vladimir ‘Chappie’ Kuzmenko, proved to be a seamless fit for the team.

Pegged by many as a Top 16 team at best, Resolut1on has led Team Empire to some of the biggest upsets of the TI7 main event.

TI7 Main Event

Image via Valve

After eliminating the crowd-favourites, Cloud9 and Evil Geniuses, Team Empire’s sights were now set on Team Liquid. Unlike the previous teams, however, Kuro ‘KuroKy’ Salehi Takhasomi and his team were ready for them.

Team Liquid’s gameplan was simple and very effective as they dared Resolut1on to single-handedly carry his team. They stuck together, played as a group and focused their efforts on ending the game early while leaving Resolut1on alone to farm.

To that end, they succeeded, especially in Game 2 where Resolut1on played Anti-mage. 

As a result, Team Liquid was able to finish both games just right around the ~30-minute mark and end the series 2-0.

OG Slain By LGD Gaming

TI7 Main Event

Image via Valve

The good news, OG have finally topped their 9th-12th place finish from TI6. The bad news, they exit the TI7 main event with a rather disappointing 5th-8th place finish.

OG just couldn’t get anything going in their lower bracket matchup against LGD Gaming. 

In Game 1, OG didn’t have enough burst damage to take down LGD Gaming’s tanky core heroes, Lu ‘Maybe’ Yao’s Leshrac and Wang ‘Ame’ Chunyu’s Bristleback. Although OG was able to prolong the game and make it last for almost an hour, LGD Gaming clearly already had it in the bag early on.

TI7 Main Event

Image via Valve

Game 2 looked like it would go OG’s way as Johan ‘N0tail’ Sundstein played out of his mind on Juggernautmaking plays happen for his team and keeping them in the game. However, LGD Gaming‘s execution was just so much better.

After a botched Roshan attempt at the ~19-minute mark ended disastrously for OG, they were never able to recover.

LGD Gaming forced out a GG after ~44 minutes.

Team Liquid Outlasts Virtus.Pro

While Team Liquid was able to edge out Virtus.Pro, the bears of the CIS can hold their heads up high knowing that they went down swinging.

Game 1, for example, lasted for ~103 minutes, as Team Liquid and Virtus.Pro found themselves locked in a stalemate with seemingly no end in sight.

After 100 minutes, however, Team Liquid finally forced the issue, taking down the final set of barracks of Virtus.Pro but at the cost of two of their heroes. Virtus.Pro saw this as a chance to retaliate and went directly for Team Liquid’s ancient. But, against all odds, Team Liquid was able to successfully defend their ancient with just 3 heroes and secure the win, bringing the crowd to their feet in what has to be the most thrilling game of the TI7 main event so far.

Team Liquid, fresh off of a nearly two-hour game, started Game 2 strong and looked ready to sweep their way into the Top 4. However, VP’s lineup, which featured lane dominant heroes such as Viper, Necrophos, Dark Seer and Sand King, quickly recovered and forced Team Liquid to play on the defensive.

Team Liquid would call GG in just ~35 minutes after Virtus.Pro repeatedly came barrelling down the lanes without any fear due to their huge early-game advantage.

TI7 Main Event

Image via Valve

In the final game, Team Liquid’s Ivan ‘MinD_ContRoL’ Borislavov and his Nature’s Prophet proved to be the big difference maker.

He was all over the map early in the game to help his teams secure kills and objectives. Meanwhile, his constant split push late-game forced Virtus.Pro to choose between objectives.

A kill on Pavel ‘9Pasha’ Khvastunov at the ~41-minute mark sealed the deal as Virtus.Pro gg’ed out soon after.

Team Liquid vs Team China

Team Liquid now stand alone in the TI7 main event, surrounded by teams from China.

They’re set to take on the winners of Invictus Gaming vs LGD Gaming, with the winner moving on to the lower bracket finals to take on the losers of LFY vs Newbee.

What do you think? Will Team Liquid be able to brave odds once again and secure themselves a spot in the lower bracket finals, or maybe even the grand finals? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.